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Game 42–Voodoo

January 21, 2009

Sap (28 & 15 including 9 offensive boards) kept us in the game and is the reason why we stayed in the game even though the Peskies came storming back and got to within one late in the 4th. Memo is the reason why we won the game, coming up with two HUGE clutch 3s to seal it.

I honestly don’t know how Sap walked much less played NBA ball with those two ginormous things (“the Great Wall of China” according to Locke) wrapped around his knees. He was limping around at shootaround and when asked about his knee, said “I don’t know”–which was a stark contrast to a few days ago when he said the hyperextended one was “100%.” After the game, he said that playing with injuries is “all mental.” That just makes me appreciate him all the more. Sap is stronger than voodoo curses, and played, and played well, through pain and ignoring his injuries much like one Karl Malone used to did (and really, is there higher praise I could give him than that?).

AK became the latest victim of the voodoo curse, leaving midway through the second quarter due to ankle problems. [Update: AK got a cortisone shot, won’t play against the Rockettes, and needs surgery after the season. (source)].

Speaking of AK, I was thinking to myself shortly before he left the game that he seems to be shooting even worse than before Horny started working with him (but his FG% is decent because he gets a lot of tip-ins and dunks). So I checked it out on Hotspots. Conclusion?

So brutal.

But still, for all the other stuff he does on the court, you just let him have those while he works it out.

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