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January 20, 2009

Boozer stayed in LA for a week after his surgery for “initial rehab,” and returned to Utah over the weekend “to start his rehab,” but will only be staying for 10 days before he jets out to LA again. Somehow I don’t think all that travel is going to help him get better faster.

Also, the desnews article says that “the team wants him to continue his workouts in Utah.” Reading between the lines, I see that Boozer didn’t want to come back to Utah until he was fully recovered and tried to convince the Jazz FO that his rehabilitation would be better served in warm, sunny LA. Fine, I’m just kidding. Sort of. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that really happened.

DWill on Jerry signing his annual one-year extension:

“I’m going to retire before he retires.”

Williams said that Sloan’s passion for the game was evident and Kirilenko said he never considered the coach wouldn’t be back.

Meanwhile, Jerry said, “The problem is at my age I have a knee that needs to be replaced, I have a little problem with that,” he said. “But that would be happening if I was farming. It wouldn’t make any difference. And farming’s a lot rougher work-wise than what this is.”

I think that’s just plain awesome that Jerry would be farming/would go straight back to farming if he weren’t coaching.

After getting decimated by OKC, Knight called the team together because “some things that needed to be addressed.”

“I’ve been around,” added Knight, who has played for nine teams in 12 seasons — but who has taken part in only two postseason series, spaced six years apart. “I’ve seen enough bad teams, and I’ve seen how you become bad. So, I just wanted us to realize we’re good — and what makes us good. And make sure we continue to build on that.”

Good to know that there’s a stabilizing veteran presence on the team–one that I feel is sorely needed. Can’t have too much of that.

Some Hot Rod facts (click on the link for tons more):

112 — Number of years he has been on the air for game coverage if you combine all his broadcasts and run them non-stop, around the clock.


33 — Number of seasons Hot Rod had a front-row seat at Jazz games. The Jazz moved him to the top of the lower bowl last season. “It’s a better view,” he says, “but it’s harder to be accurate. I can’t see immediately who was whistled for the foul, so I wait to be sure. You make mistakes; I hate making mistakes.”

[Why on earth did the Jazz move him? You would think Hot Rod would get to pick his seat.]

0 — Number of seasons he plans to work road games after this season. Hot Rod recently told Jazz management that he no longer wants to do road games next season. He recently built a retirement home in Phoenix. He plans to move into the house this summer and commute to Salt Lake City for next year’s home games. “I don’t want to travel anymore,” he said last week from his hotel room in Memphis hours before another game. “The weather’s getting worse it seems like every time we go East. “It’s gloomy here. It was gloomy in Oklahoma City, too. When the Jazz have a 10-day road trip (next season), I’ll go home to Phoenix.”

[I for one will miss hearing his broadcasts on road games next season. I wonder what the Jazz brass are going to do. Simulcast with Boler and Booner? Meh.]

Finally, on TBJ Episode 375, they were talking about the full slate of games that were on today (MLK Day) and how they were spread throughout the day (twelve games starting at 1 p.m. and ending at 1 a.m.). Tas Melas said in order to watch them all you have no choice but to get in a fight with your loved one/girlfriend/wife so she leaves because there’s no way she’s going to sit there and watch games with you all day. Skeets replied that hopefully she’s at work. Tas’ second suggestion was calling her friends to get her out. The conclusion was to pick your games and not watch 12 hours of basketball. Haha.

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