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Game 41 – At the Halfway Point

January 18, 2009

WTF Coaching Staff. You guys choose tonight of all nights to NOT give Harp minutes? Dick was hitting every shot he threw up, and all the king’s horses and all the soft Jazzmen just kept letting him. We all know what a “fragile” mental constitution Dick possesses, and how he gets rattled and thrown off his game by the slightest sign of physicalness. So why didn’t we the Jazz take advantage of it? Isn’t that what, in fact, we have Harp for?

There was no takeoverage from DWill, even though he put up good stats despite getting kicked in a bad place. The place that his idol, Jason Kidd, has his hand on in the picture up above.

Sap returned, but clearly was not ready to return and was a non-factor. Perhaps as a direct result, the Jazz got killed on the offensive boards. That was the key to a–stat-wise–even-as-even-can-be game right there.

We should have won this one. Dallas isn’t even going to make the Playoffs. So it’s back to Frustrationland for this Jazz fan. Sarcastic “yay.”



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