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Sideshow Booz

January 14, 2009

Carlos Boozer is never coming back. And nobody cares. [BDL NBA Power Rankings]

It seems that Sideshow Booz has lost the support of even his fellow-LHM Group employees at KFAN. Like I previously noted, the guys were over there were previously homerously defending Boozer (in Locke’s case, defending=screaming at callers) like their lives depended on it.

All that seems to have changed with the whole Ferkel debacle, which Locke says can only be attributed to one of three possibilities: 1) arrogance; 2) negligence; 3) hiding something. And they’re now amusing me with stuff like this.

Before Boozer went under the knife, he did yet another interview with ESPN (the man just doesn’t learn. But we Jazz fans who have watched his decision-making skills unfold on the court knew that already).

Q: Are your critics laying off you now that they see you’re having surgery?

A: I had to go through the same thing three years ago with my hamstring. I mean, c’mon. If I could play, I would play all day long. People thought I was doggin’ it [three years ago], but I’m not that kind of dude. If I can play, I’ll play through anything. And I’ve already played through a bunch of stuff that people don’t know about.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s a part of the game. Especially when you’re a huge part of a team. When people depend on you, they want you out there no matter what.

1) What we have really learned is that you can’t be depended on. And some of us definitely don’t want you out there no matter what.

Q: Does the fact that you’ve been through this before make it any easier to deal with that kind of criticism?

A: Probably worse. It makes it easier for me because I’ve been able to deal with [an injury] a couple different times. But because I’ve been through it before, it makes it worse as far as other people, for them [wanting] to write more stuff or speculate or what have you. But for me, I’ve been fortunate to have my family by my side and keep my sane hat on.

2) Given your history, you don’t think there are good reasons why people write stuff and speculate?

Q: How worried are you about this team missing the playoffs because of all the injuries?

A: Actually, they’ve played well without me. I know I’ll be back before [the end of the season]. We’ve been able to stay above water without me, so when I get back for those last 20 or 30 games, hopefully we’ll be able to take off.

When you have great players and when you have a great coach like Phil Jackson or like we have with Jerry [Sloan], health is probably the biggest [factor]. Can you imagine if me and D-Will had been healthy what our record would be? We feel like we’re a championship team when we’re all healthy.

3a) Interesting that the first “great coach” off the top of his head is not his own coach. Are you already thinking of your post-Utah days? You DID insist on having your surgery in LA…

3b) Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, try to drag DWill down with you.

Q: How does this team deal keep the fact that there are a lot of potential free agents on the roster besides you from becoming a distraction?

A: We don’t really talk about it that much. I made a mistake of talking about it earlier [in a Dec. 17 interview with’s Chris Sheridan], and that obviously had a big media impact. But for the most part, people haven’t talked about their contract situations, which is the way we’d like to keep it from now on until the summer.

4) …which is the way WE’D like to keep it from now on?

Q: Do you think you and Paul Millsap can really play together long-term, as opposed to the organization having to choose between the two of you?

A: I’d love that. I would love that. I think we complement each other so well. Sometimes our fastest lineup, with me and him in there together, is our best defensive lineup. Paul is playing like a stud, man on a mission. He’s become a huge part of our team.

5a) Then put your money where mouth is and take a paycut and earn every single dollar in the new contract to make up for the current one.

5b) Fastest? Maybe. Best defensive lineup? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….

Seriously Carlos, I have had enough of your sideshow dramatics that detract from the rest of the guys’ ability to focus on playing basketball. You are not the center of the universe, so please, just stop talking. You’re not playing, and that’s fine by me.

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