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Game 38 – Memo On, Part Deux

January 13, 2009

Shortly before game time, the Jazz announced that Sap was out. No Sap, no problem. (Boozer who?) Memo torched the Pacers on his way to a career-high 43, scoring on 12 of his first 14 shots and hitting 14 of 15 FTs.

Although the Jazz cooled off midway through the 3rd and the Pacers closed to within 3 in the 4th, AK (two putbacks on DWill misses with 2:30 and 0:56 remaining) and DWill (a 30-foot 3 with 1:24 left) both had huge clutch plays down the stretch on a night when both also racked up double doubles and 11 each in the 4th.

BDL sums it up for me:

Andrei Kirilenko was all over the place. 23 points, 12 rebounds (five offensive), three assists, zero turnovers, three steals, three blocks. He shot 6-18, but I don’t care. That was a ridiculous line, and he was great to watch.

Memo’s 43 was the most for a Jazz player in a game in almost 11 years–Karl had 44 in an April ’98 game.

Like I said about a week ago in regards to the GS game, shouldn’t have been this close, but yay.

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