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Game 37: Pistons Off, Memo On

January 11, 2009

Much like the Knickerbockers and Peskywolves own the Utah Jazz, the Utah Jazz owns the Honeybees Hornets and the Pistons. Encouragingly, it was the J’s first three-game win streak since they went 5-0 to open the season.

This was Memo:

(This is a Media Day ’07 picture; I had to dig around on the Internet for much too long to find it. He was a little chubbs a year ago huh?)

Memo was conflagrating and torched his ex-team, going 8-9, including 3-3 from 3, in the first half. He got into foul trouble midway through the 3rd, but as AK said afterwards, he got the Jazz off to such a hot start that by the time he left the game, the Jazz didn’t need him anymore. DWill was either still under the weather or his shot was still AWOL. AK had a very AK line with 11, 7, 7, 2, 2 and was diving for loose balls even in the 4th with the Jazz up by 20. And though he came close (9&7), Sap’s streak ended as he only played 22 minutes.

I always read the Detroit Bad Boys game thread when the Jazz play the Pistons because there are always some great comments. Rob G., whose last mention on this blog was for his comment, “Who is that devastatingly handsome man who just checked in for the Jazz? I’m a straight man, but my god he is beautiful,” had this to say today:

Rob G – Jan 10th, 2009 at 9:30 pm
god, Korver is so scrumptious

There was also:
Garrett – Jan 10th, 2009 at 11:17 pm
Can we leave Boozer and Millsap and just sign Jerry Sloan instead?

And speaking of Boozer…

Let me just recap.

Boozer strained his quad Nov. 19 against MIL. The injury somehow failed to get better or improve as the weeks dragged on. Around Missed Game #15, Boozer got his second MRI, which was “inconclusive” like the first. He then flew to LA to get a third MRI around Missed Game #20, and his personal doctor, Richard Ferkel, decided on Dec. 30 or 31st that Boozer needed surgery.

Complicating matters, the surgery could not be performed right away and was scheduled for January 9th because Boozer had a blister on his knee caused by a burn from a hot pack, “which increased the possibility of an infection with the surgery.”

I’d think it was a joke if…well, if it didn’t involve Boozer/a Dukie.

So the surgery apparently takes place as planned (perhaps taking medical advice from Derek Fisher, Boozer insisted on having it performed in LA). HOWEVER, neither Boozer nor his agent bothered to contact the Jazz to update them, and the Jazz front office waited for over 24 hours before Boozer’s doctor returned their calls. WTF? When Ferkel finally contacted them, he spoke to the Jazz trainer rather than a team official. (source, source, source)

Boozer is now out for at least 4 weeks of rehabilitation.

I didn’t know any of this when I woke up this morning, and was therefore quite confused when I tuned into KFAN and heard Locke and the other guys questioning whether the Jazz FO would be able to get any information from Boozer’s doctor (due to patient confidentiality), and whether Boozer and his agent would be able to bamboozle Jazz officials into believing his condition was much more serious than it really was if they could prevent contact between his doctor and the team. Just 12 hours before that, all of the KFAN guys were defendng Boozer like it was their own personal reputations at stake.

Interesting. (And let’s remember that like the Jazz cast and crew, KFAN cast and crew are also employees of the LHM Group.)

Nissalke said in the post-game that he doesn’t think Boozer will be back at all this year. The 1280 guys, in their post-game, had this to say.

Tell me Jerry isn’t talking specifically about Boozer here:

“A lot of guys say, ‘I’m going to go out there and play, I’m not about to let somebody step in and take my spot,'” Sloan said. “‘I’ll play when I’m hurt, I’ll play when I’m banged-up, I’ll play when things aren’t going well to try to prevent that from happening.'”

All sideshow drama aside, maybe the damage has been done and it’s time to cut the cord. It’s hard to say since it’s only been three games, but it seems like the Jazz have turned the corner and have a new mindset to start their season for real. This may be attributed to the guys no longer (subconsciously?) waiting around for Boozer to return to the lineup, and instead finally moving on and ahead without him.

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