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Games 31-33 — Catch Up

January 5, 2009

It went like this: W, L (2 OT), W.

Game 31: Dick the Jerk struck again, this time getting ejected for striking Harp in the fist with a closed face. No complaints from me.

Game 32: Double overtime loss that we can’t really complain about.*

Game 33: DWill’s long-lost shot was rescued from wherever it had disappeared to and the Jazz won.

*For the first two games, we were missing our entire regular-rotation front line of Sap, Memo, Boozer, and even JC.

Bright spots were the guys that stepped up–AK, Fess, and KK2.

Overall bright spot: In the three games, AK shot poorly but was solid everywhere else, collecting 37 boards, 8 steals, and 7 blocks.

Dallas bright spot: KK2’s play against Dallas–18 pts. on 8-11 shooting and 8 boards
Houston bright spot: Fess against Yao–12 pts. on 6-8 shooting, 11 boards and 3 blocks
Philly bright spot: DWill said after the game that it was the first time all year he’s felt 100% or close to it.

Other notes and whatever:

Couldn’t be any more predictable: [Boozer’s surgery] is being postponed until [January 9th]…because of an unhealed skin laceration that occurred during rehab and is located “very near the scope site.” [source]

The injury bug is inevitable and spreading: Assistant trainer/equipment manager Brian Zettler underwent surgery Monday to repair a biceps muscle that tore while he was working out with Jazz players on the road in Chicago…Zettler fulfilled his duties shortly after the surgery wearing a sling. [source]

Like Zettler, no excuses to sit out: For the second straight home game, Ronnie Brewer tossed his cookies during the game (fortunately not on the court) but returned to play despite a tortured tummy. “I’ve been trying to take medicine constantly,” he said. “We’re so undermanned, just being sick is not an excuse to be sitting out any games.” [source]

Sap’s streak lives on: Jazz power forward Paul Millsap’s double-double streak is back intact and even has increased to 16 straight games…Millsap’s streak seemingly had ended at 15 when he scored 11 points but managed just nine rebounds in a Dec. 23 game at Milwaukee…on Tuesday, the league…amended Millsap’s stats for the game to 11 points and 10 rebounds. For the whole story, click on the link. [source]

Jerry’s presence felt in Sac.: The Sacramento Bee newspaper reported earlier this week that ex-Jazz player/assistant coach and current Kings interim coach Kenny Natt “continues his quest to change the culture of the team, which had grown lax under former coach Reggie Theus.”…”Natt’s demand for increased professionalism has led to at least five fines for players being late to practice since he took over Dec. 15.” [source]

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