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Game 34 – SOS

January 5, 2009

How was this a SOS (same old story)? Let me count the ways…

1. The Jazz came out flat and went down by double-digits quickly.

2. Sap is a Malone-esque warrior.

3. DWill’s shot went MIA again (4-18). Like I said about Ronnie P previously, if your shot isn’t going down, work it out in practice. Work it out at shootaround. Work it out with Horny. Not during the game.

4. Close enough to give fans hope, not close enough to actually win the game. Everyone needs to stop shooting 3s. Every time the Jazz got close, DWill would put up a shot or CJ would make a stupid foul or turn the ball over…aka…

5. The Jazz lost and I am a disgruntled unhappy camper.

Random comments:
–A made three during a run can bring the house down, yes. But a missed three when you’re trying to close the gap, or are in the midst of a run, is a momentum killer like no other. And since even the best 3-point shooters make only 2 out of 5, draw the conclusion. Figure it out, boys.

–What I really like about Sap is that when he’s struggling (like this game when he went 1-7 from the field and totaled just three points through three quarters), he works his way out of it within the offense and not by jacking up shots and thereby destroying the Jazz’ chances of winning. If you look at the Jazz right now, it’s basically a bunch of guys standing around holding their hands out for the ball so that they can shoot it. Sap is the exception.

He is also one of only a very few guys on the Jazz who, these days, looks like he has any idea of the fundamentals of basketball. Everyone else is out there playing street basketball. (Yes, I know I sound like Jerry, but the team’s major underachieving is frustrating me and Jerry didn’t get to where he is for nothing).

–Memo and AK shave.

–Yahoo posts game photos after (or sometimes during) games; on average, there are 20-25 pictures posted per game. 60 pictures were posted for this game. How many of the 60 featured the Jazz as window dressing? 46.

–I think I might need to take a break from the game recaps. It’s getting too depressing and it’s the same old story night in night out. Apart from the list above, I reiterate for the nth time that Jerry needs to start calling the plays again. Ths team is straight up turrrible at executing when left to its own devices.

On how DWill couldn’t buy a foul:

1) Deron Williams almost single handedly rallied Utah. This game had shades of the 2008 Playoffs where Williams played possum in the first half and laid low from the perimeter only to ferociously attack the rim in the second half. Williams continued to drive and break down the Lakers interior defense the entire second half creating open jumpers for everyone and cutting a 20 point deficit all the way down to 3 several times. [source]

2) NO RESPECT: The Jazz were none too pleased with Friday’s officiating, and suggested that point guard Deron Williams — not an NBA All-Star, but a member of USA Basketball’s gold medal-winning Olympics team last summer — wasn’t shown enough respect. “Well,” Sloan said, “he shot two free throws in 42 minutes. You go figure.” [source]

Not only that, the refs called a technical on DWill in between the third and fourth quarters when the game wasn’t even on. And we all know that Jerry NEVER complains about the officiating.

Desnews’ Jazz blog posted some player resolutions.

My favorites:
Paul Millsap: Get a…dunk while holding left hand up against head a la The Mailman at least once as an homage hammer dunk. C’mon Postal/Delivery/Paper Boy, dooooo it!

Kyle Korver: Convince all teammates to wear high socks in at least one game this season. It’d be pretty freakin’ awesome if the guys did that or all grew the same beard (even though I personally don’t like beards) or something.

Or if AK would just brought the ‘hawk back, period.

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