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Boozer update

December 20, 2008

Remember how Boozer claimed that 1) he thought he was having a casual conversation with Sheridan, i.e. not an interview, and that 2) he did not use the word “raise,” saying that he doesn’t “talk like that,” and that Sheridan put words in his mouth? Well, Sheridan called the Trib and played back the tape of the interview.

The first thing you hear is Sheridan asking Boozer if it’s all right to have the interview on record. So that’s Lie #1.

Then, you hear Boozer saying the exact things he was quoted as saying, including the word “raise.” Lie #2.

Is anyone at all surprised?

We now also know that Sheridan was at the game because he was doing an article on Sap, which is why the original article was, in fact, mostly about Sap. Boozer, of course, ensured that at the end of the day, the focus of the article was about him, and Sap was an afterthought–assuming people bothered to read the rest of the article. Likewise, the Boozer headline also usurped the “Jazz come back from 22 down to take the win” headline on the front page of ESPN as well.

We’ve paid him enough. It’s time to cut the cord.

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