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Where the Jazz play like an eastern team playing western teams happens

December 15, 2008

Yes DWill, we want to cry too.

Jerry needs to start calling the plays again. A lot has been said about how he called every single play in the Stock era, but lets DWill do his thing. That’s generally fine and dandy–DWill is capable of that, no question–but for whatever reason, this team’s deficiencies have become increasingly, glaringly obvious over the course of this season, and Tom Nissalke might be right when he calls this the worst Jazz team in history at executing what the coaches want.

Ron Jere– Stan Van Gundy called the game “one of the best wins I’ve ever been a part of.” Why do we ALWAYS have to be on the opposite end of other people’s “best wins”? It freaking sucks.

They’re often sloppy, they turn the ball over way too much, they have NO freaking idea how to defend the perimeter (why are we getting lit up by some guy on the other team every other game?), and always try to answer 3s with 3s which is not a good idea since the Jazz under Jerry Sloan have never been a 3-point shooting team.

In retrospect (aka minutes into the 3rd quarter when all of us were cringing, gnashing our teeth, and banging our heads against the wall) we should have known. The way the Jazz closed the half–playing great, offense silky smooth, hitting all their shots–we should have known that we were in for a 3rd quarter letdown. We just didn’t know how bad. DWill and his crew launched a crapload of ill-advised long shots and 3s to open the third and didn’t hit their first FG until over 6 minutes had elapsed.

The first 6 minutes of the second half went like this:
Memo misses long shot
DWill misses long shot
CJ misses 3
DWill misses 3
MoAl misses 3
Sap TO
DWill 1/2 FT
Sap TO
Memo misses 3

In the meantime, the Magic rattled off 16 points including 3 3s.

The Jazz ended up with 3 FGs for the quarter. They missed 12 of 15, including 5 3s and 2 layups. Pathetic. They also had 8 TO’s, including DWill getting stripped on two consecutive possessions, and 7 fouls in the quarter. Disgusting.

There were only three Jazzmen with a “+” in the +/- column: Harp with +1 in 5 minutes; KK2 with a +2 in 10, and AK +9 in 31. Which is why I don’t understand why Jerry didn’t sub him back in until 2:39 in the 3rd–by which time the Jazz were already pouring blood from the gaping hole they’d shot in their foot.

In the 4th, they went on a mini-run and got within 6 on a long jumper by AK with 5 minutes left. Plenty of time to get back in the game…so what happens? KK and Memo both jack up 3s and miss. Let me close this post the way I started it. Jerry needs to pull in the reins and start calling plays again.

Note via desnews: Jazz sixth man Andrei Kirilenko leads all NBA bench players in free throws attempts this season with 102. Sixth Man of the Year: AK47 baby.



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