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Game 24

December 12, 2008

So…Game 24.

Even though it was on TNT and therefore was not commentated by Boler and Booner (or as DJ accidentally called them a few weeks ago, Boner), we could not escape the “Matt Harpring comes from a football family” and “double double” commentary.

DWill is obviously still hurting. You can’t tell as much when he’s dribbling or driving, but it’s very evident when he’s taking the ball to the hole. He’s been getting blocked A LOT the past few games, and since it physically hurts me to see it, I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for him.

In the last five games, DWill is shooting 31% (21-68), and 2-15 from 3-point land. Tonight (I don’t know why I say “tonight” when the game was in the morning for me), he was 5-16. Dare I say it? I thought he was playing a bit selfish or at the very least, not smart. He was taking shots that normally fall, so it’s not a question of shot selection. Knowing that he’s not 100%, that he’s struggling from the floor, that his shot is not falling, he should have focused on getting his teammates good shots instead. Today was the first time I ever found myself cringing every time he shot the ball. Yikes. How long til he’s healthy again? It’s been two months since that fateful pre-season game in Chicago.

Memo was the player of the game, which the Jazz won by the way, and had at least one “I’m going to kick you in the crotch, slow motion, smooth as butter, don’t mess with the fauxhawk goatee combo, Turkish delight jumper” aka Kung-Fu jumper.

Is it just me? I think something’s wrong/off with Andrei. He was there, but he wasn’t there. Whatever it is, I pray it gets resolved ASAP. We’ll go from close wins to blowout losses if AK’s not AK.

As for the Blazers, they reminded me of that one [original] Dream Team game in which the opposing team gave up and only shot 3s. The Blazers took 27 shots from downtown, but fortunately for us, only connected on 6.

Notes, Videos, and Other Stuff:

–China, get online and vote! China, get online and vote Yao, and especially Yi and Sun Yue into the starting lineups of the All-Star Game…proving once and for all that the All-Star Game is a complete joke and way past its expiration date.

–I don’t think DWill (or Booz) have played enough or played enough injury-free to warrant All-Star team selections. If the Jazz are to be represented, it should be AK wearing whatever ugly-ass uniform they come up with this year. I see Ronnie B in the dunk contest though…at least he should get an invite. The Jazz have been around for 35 years and granted I’ve only been a fan for the last 16 of them, but I do believe that he is the sickest dunker the Jazz have ever had.

–During the last game, they showed an interview clip of Jerry on his first night on the job as Jazz head coach. There was something so familiar about the way he looked…and I came to the realization that Jerry circa 1988 = Jim from “The Office.” It’s not as evident in this clip ( first 15 seconds), but you can still see it.

–LBJ paid homage to the Mailman two nights ago:

The original can be seen here:

at the 0:50 (the Mailman did it in the Olympics), 1:02, 1:18, and 1:22 marks.

I was originally going to say that LBJ’s wasn’t as pretty as the original, but had more power. It turns out that I’d just forgotten how freaking strong and complete brute force Karl was and likely still is (I know. How could I? Shame on me).



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