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Inane Throughts from My Rambling Mind

December 9, 2008

I could be powerfully evil. Or evilly powerful. Whatever. I might have powers.

Five days ago, I wrote “Screw you, Rose” in a post about Jazz injuries. And what happens? Four days later, Rose is “injured” in a bizarro incident with a very Monta-esque explanation.

“It was a silly incident,” Rose said. “I was cutting up some food and I laid on a knife getting lazy in bed. I went to go get a bottle of water, came back, forgot the knife was there, then sat down and sliced my arm.

He was cutting an apple in bed? What? Whatever.

So, more on injuries because that’s the recurring nightmare theme of the season so far.

We’ve had players injured in: pre-season games (DWill), post-surgery recovery (Harp), pre-season golf cart accidents (Collins), shootarounds (Fess, Harpring), chronically and/or [due to long hours] on planes (Memo), and of course actual games (AK, Booz and now for the nth time, Knight).

Of course, there have also been a ton of injuries that our tough guys played through, i.e. AK’s scraped up knees (hence his knee braces and gauze pads), Sap’s sprained toe, and DWill’s strained hip flexor.

As I see it (listed in no particular but probably alphabetical order):

Jazzmen working their way into the rotation/minutes (injuries permitting): Almond, Knight (as primary backup at PG), KK2, CJ (possibly), Sap

Jazzmen working their way out: KK, Price (at PG)

Jazzmen working their way towards the front of the bench towards the coaches: Harp, Collins

Token Jerry’s doghouse* player: Fess

Unchanged: Booz, Ronnie B, AK, Memo, DWill

*Unsure whether the doghouse must be filled at all times.

Random note 1: AK has been absolutely phenomenal in getting to the line this season. Clark laid it out in full detail here.

Random note 2: As we all know, basketball is full of intentional or unintentional double entendres/sexual innuendo like “he has a quick release,” “he is really stroking the ball tonight,” “he is driving to the hole hard,” and anything having to do with penetration. I just realized the other day that Boler’s “Down she goes!” deserves the top place on that list.

And that’s it for this post.

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