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Injury Odds and Ends

December 5, 2008
*Memo and Fess did not sit with the bench when they missed games so no pics; the above are mostly from

–The Jazz are so injured that some of the players are on their second injuries. Fess strained his back during the shootaround prior to the last game and Sap sprained his toe (to go along with the scratched cornea he suffered a few months ago). Larry is still in a wheelchair and continues to have medical issues, and even the Bear (seriously!) is injured and wearing a boot around.

So right now–
Boozer–strained hammy quad
Collins–elbow issues; out til January
Fess–strained back
Harp–strained back while recovering from ankle infection while recovering from ankle surgery
AK–ankle issues; previously suffered dislocated finger
Knight–sprained finger; previously suffered strained groin
Korver–still not 100% after spraining wrist (as is evidenced by his 81.3 FT%)
Sap–sprained toe (but is probable for the next game)
DWill–still not 100% from ankle sprain (screw you Rose)

Is Memo 100%?

Who’s healthy? Ronnie B, Ronnie P, CJ, KK2, and Almond. If you put Ronnie B at PF (he did play some in the past few games), that’s a complete 1-2-3-4-5 lineup. And those are arguably the 5 guys that need the most [opportunity for] PT (along with Fess). Hmmm…

First time I’ve seen a Jazz player in tights. DWill in tights. Tee hee.

–DWill = AI for one day?

Deron Williams had 10 points and hit 5 of 6 shots in the first quarter of Friday’s game, which was pretty impressive considering he spent an hour in traffic on Interstate 15 just trying to get to EnergySolutions Arena. Williams said the traffic was like nothing he’d seen in Utah before and reminded him of Dallas. He arrived about an hour and 15 minutes before the game–yes, there were some folks getting nervous–and earned the one-night nickname of “A.I.” from his teammates. (sltrib)

–On a completely irrelevant but still [Jazz-] related note, has anyone else noticed that you put a few pounds and years on Matty, and you get Bolerjack? (also from; I couldn’t find any pictures of Boler that weren’t 20 years old)

Matty and Boler also both played football. It had to be said.

–[Sam Mitchell’s firing and replacement] is the 222nd [coaching change] in the NBA since current Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan succeeded Frank Layden on Dec. 9 1988.

–And for something truly astounding:

Barely more than a month into the 2008-09 NBA season, the Jazz already have lost 66 man-games to injury and personal leave.

That’s more than double what future Hall of Famers John Stockton and Karl Malone missed in their 37 combined seasons playing for the Jazz.



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