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Game 19

December 3, 2008

This team does not look good without AK. I think we do all right/can get by without Boozer, but we really need AK. AK was out and we were a complete mess today–and I for one think there’s a correlation.

I can’t believe the Jazz won this game. It was the choppiest, unflowiest game ever. 18 TO’s in the first half alone. Playing on the road against a sub .500 team–this is usually the exact recipe for a Jazz loss. There I was, late in the 2nd half, emotionally preparing myself for a loss and then unbelievably they (and by “they” I mean DWill and his effect on his entourage) go and pull it out.

Memo really has a nose for important, key offensive boards. Almond got several huge boards as well, and showed that he can do more than shoot. I still don’t know where or how he fits into this squad, but still, the fact that Jerry said he got minutes because he was playing better D than CJ or Ronnie B speaks volumes.

And speaking of Jerry, in the past few games, it’s seemed like Jerry has been giving the finger (via his substitutions) to all those people that complain that he never deviates from his set-in-stone sub patterns. Good to see whoever’s hot staying in the game and whoever’s sucking it up sitting.
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