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Preseason Game at CHI

October 19, 2008

Last 4 minutes of 1st quarter at Chicago:
3:51 Boozer misses layup
3:49 Boozer gets offensive board, puts in a 7-footer. he is 2/7
3:25 Boozer throws the ball out of bounds
2:42 Boozer called for defensive 3 seconds technical
2:17 Boozer chucks up yet another mid-range jumper and misses. now 2/8 (8 fga in 10 min????)
(sap on the other hand, in 3 minutes of play, also has 4 points on 2/3 shooting and 2steals.)
0:00 Boozer misses layup. now 2/9.

DWill is out with a sprained ankle. CRAP. The season can’t be falling apart before my very eyes, can it?

2nd quarter:
7:05 Boozer re-enters the game
6:22 Boozer 3 seconds
5:11 Boozer offensive foul (3rd TO)
4:39 Boozer offensive foul (4th TO)
3:18 Boozer hits 2 FTs
2:15 Boozer hits 2 FTs
1:47 Boozer steps on the line (5th TO)
1:13 – 1:08 Boozer steals the ball and loses it (6th TO)

At the half:
           Min     FG   3Pt    FT   +/-  Off  Reb Ast  TO Stl   BS   BA   PF   Pts
Booz 19:05   2-9  0-0  4-4  +5    5    10    2     6    1     0     1    2     8
Sap    14:42  4-6  0-0  0-0  +6    2     3     1     0    2     0     0    2     8

–Memo can’t seem to stay out of foul trouble.  What’s up with that?
–The Jazz are suddenly facing a dearth at the FT line. 
–Every single one of the Jazz’ wings needs to stop chucking.  I don’t want to see any long shots from CJ, Morris, Ronnie B or even AK.  KK is the only 2/3 I want to see shooting from outside, and only occasionally at that.

3rd Quarter:
9:56 Boozer hits 2 FTs
7:50 Boozer misses 16-footer (2/10)
7:39 Boozer personal foul
6:26 Boozer misses layup (2/11)
5:13 Boozer misses 17-footer (2/12)
5:09 Boozer gets bailed out on a potential charge call (Hot Rod thought it was a charge), hits 2 FTs
3:02 Boozer offensive foul (7th TO)
2:20 Boozer loose ball foul, subbed out

Heal, DWill, heal.

–CJ don’t cares about PT.  He is doing his best to get his ass stuck to the pine for the rest of the season.
–Ronnie B threw up too many jumpers, but at least he redeems himself with 10 boards (4 off) and 3 steals.
–CJ should not be playing point at any point in time if AK is available.

Carlos having a good ol’ time on the bench during the 4th

4th quarter:
6:13 Boozer re-enters game
4:56 Boozer hits 2 FTs
3:17 Boozer dunks off pass from AK
2:12 Boozer loses the ball (8th TO)
58.9 Boozer misses 17-footer (3/14)
21.1 Boozer makes 1/2 FTs

Heal DWill heal.

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