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Preseason Game at DEN

October 16, 2008

Pre-season Utah at Denver in summary:

–sloppy sloppy so sloppy. (26 TOs for the Jazz)

–half the team was injured or out with injuries (KK2 was recovering; AK and Sap with injuries but played; Knight, Ronnie P, JC, and Harp out)

–Jerry wore a really bright tie

–Sap paid tribute to Antoine “Big Dog” Carr

–So many fouls I was surprised there was anyone left to finish the game (Total 77 fouls and 106 FTAs)

–Almond is a chucker. He can’t really be interested in making the team because after the last game, Jerry ripped on him for shooting the ball everytime he got it. So what did he do? The same thing. Is he not listening or what?

After the game, he had this to say: “I found myself open a lot, just wide open for jumpers.” Word to the wise: if you want to stay in Utah, listen to Jerry.

–Speaking of not listening, Part 2: after one of the first pre-season games, Jerry ripped on Ronnie B for his lack of rebounds. In four games, Ronnie has grabbed a total of 6 rebounds, including 0 in the Suns game.

–Speaking of not listening, Part 3: during training camp Jerry talked a lot about defense. All of the players dutifully picked up the call and repeated the emphasis on D to sports reporters. It has yet to show in a game.

–CJ: byebye starter status hello pine. How good is he, really? Or rather, is he NBA-good? I’m starting to wonder. Given how much DWill loves him, he must have something.

–And Boozer. Inept as ever. Offensive foul (TO), fumbling the ball, losing the ball, committing stupid foul after losing the ball, putting the jazz into the penalty…nothing’s changed. Crap.

–Finally: I guess ten years and five years of predicting the Jazz’ demise (with the phrase “window of opportunity closing” being used 90% of the time) before the Finals years and up until Stock’s retirement, respectively, were not enough for sportswriters. CNNSI is now once again predicting the end is near.

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