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Boozer Talks Defense (Ha Ha Ha)

August 23, 2008
DWill on the jumbotron

El Mata_or is talking a lot these days:

“We have the ability (to play) any style of basketball — we can press you, we can play zone, we can switch on the pick and rolls,” said Boozer. “Everything that we do comes down to defense.


“I don’t mean to keep talking about defense, but that’s the key to our victories — defense,” he continued. “If we play great D like we did in the second half tonight, we can play anybody.”

Um….what is he doing talking about defense? Does he know what the word means? Is he reading from a script one of the coaches gave him?

I suppose he has to have some role besides cheerleader/human victory cigar right? Perhaps his new role, besides “presence on the court means game is over” sign, is team spokesperson.


Foxsports brings up a good point–something that had slipped my mind.
It was ironic that Christian Laettner an All-American from Duke for Krzyzewski (who was an assistant to Daly) was added gratuitously…

Why was Laettner the college player added to the squad? Yeah he played in a lot of NCAA tournament games and had that one big shot, but the team only had two point guards and two centers and a mess of players at all the other positions. Other players that came out with him in the same year’s draft were Shaq (I’ll take Laettner) and Mourning, both of whom were drafted before him. Perhaps Coach K has a lot of sway over the selection committee, eh?

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