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The blogosphere is catching on…

August 17, 2008

I wonder how LBJ feels about playing (and by “playing” I mean “on the same team as”) Boozer, and whether he’s constantly thinking, “You motherfking traitor! You robber of blind men!”

One possible reason why Boozer is getting so little PT: Coach K sees El Mata_or’s hoops deficiences, and doesn’t want FB to make him look like a bad coach that never taught him D back at Duke.

…and meanwhile, more and more people are catching on to what Jazz fans have known for months…

Dime: “How I Spent My Summer Vacaction,” by Carlos Boozer: In August, I went to China with my friends. We visited the Great Wall, and I pretended to be Ronny Turiaf when we went to the gym.

Hardwood Paroxysm: Lost in LeBron’s very LeBron-like performance and Kobe’s struggles, along with the slow realization everyone’s coming to which is that Carlos Boozer really might not be that good is the unveiling of Wade 2.0.

HP also had this to say about DWill: Anyone that reads this site knows I’m a huge Chris Paul disciple. But Deron Williams is the best point guard I’ve seen in international play, and he’s got that three point range everyone is obsessed with….The best lineup right now for the US to me is Williams, Wade, Kobe, LeBron, Bosh/Howard…I haven’t seen anyone (outside of Melo) who hasn’t looked committed to the task at hand. And there are flashes of guys looking like they do in the playoffs. Williams, Wade, and LeBron in particular. No suprise those are the three guys that look like they’re playing best.

Finally, All That Jazz wrote a damn good post on Karl vs. Booz. This part in particular is classic:

As great as Karl is on offense compared to Carlos, there is no empirical way to evaluate just how much better Karl is on defense. Out of all of his numerous awards, Karl was All-NBA defense 1st team 3 times, and 2nd team once. I say that there is no empirical way to evaluate their relative defensive skills because Carlos Boozer has yet to play any in his career as a Utah Jazz player.

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