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Russia vs. Iran: Commentator Fail

August 10, 2008
Was only able to catch the 2nd quarter of the Russia-Iran game this morning before I had to go out.
Therefore, only have three nuggets of Chinese commentator wisdom to share:
1) AK’s points keep going up when he scores.
2) Commentator 1: [talking about Keyru] He changed his name.   I can’t remember his name.  All black people look alike anyway.
Commentator 2: [laughs awkwardly]
Commentator 1: [now trying to save himself] Well, black people think that we all look alike too.
3) Commentator 1: The Iranian national team members are all very young.  Their center was born in 1985.  They all look very old.  In fact, they all look older than me! [chortle chortle]
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