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Pilgrimage to see DWill and AK

August 5, 2008
vlcsnap-3151816a There’s me in the red circle :-p

End of game — DWill and AK hugging

End of game–AK and Booz hugging (far right)

So this had to be one of the best weekends ever. Even though DWill looked pissy the entire game, and I was surrounded by people that kept telling me DWill is balding, it still rocked and he was awesome and I loved seeing AK at the four. I was surprised by how solid AK is since he looks so gangly on TV. FB is definitely the scrub of the team (the game vs. Australia just ended and I do believe that he didn’t even get into the game) and has been relegated to a Jack Haley/Mark Madsen-esque role. Not to mention he looked completely inept (like a kitten swiping at a dangling piece of string) when he was trying to guard AK.

The crowd was sickeningly adoring Kobe, making me nauseous. Me (“Selfish!”) and C (“Kobe you suck!”)’s chanting was completely drowned out by the blind bandwagon adoration.


Found this somewhat interesting–the only state where a majority thinks that DWill should play the least is West Virginia–where he was born.


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