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Odds and Ends

July 26, 2008

Rocky Mountain Revue:
I guess it’s a good thing that the Jazz matched for CJ, as none of the potential rotation players–Almond, Fess, and KK2–appear to be NBA ready. Man oh man do they not look NBA ready.

USA vs. Canada:
1. Boozer is the 12th man on the team (well, really 11th, but LBJ was injured). He spent his minutes on the court flailing around in the paint, bobbling rebounds as usual, and setting the worst picks in the history of basketball (five feet away from his man). He is the Jason Hart of Team USA. FB basically played scrub minutes and was re-inserted into the game with 2 minutes remaining and USA up by 50. DWill immediately tried to get him involved and threw him the ball–and Boozer immediately bobbled it out of bounds. A little while later, DWill threw him the ball in the paint again. FB’s clumsy ass hands couldn’t handle the nice simple little pass and lost it–DWill got the ball back and threw it to him AGAIN. Finally, Booz scored. Hey, even Jason Hart scored from time to time.

2. It must be nice for CP to be playing with DWill rather than against.

3. The way Boozer stands there leaning forward with his head far in front of his body reminds me of a turtle. Like a turtle, he is slow-moving and slow-reacting. Also like a turtle, he cannot move laterally. (OK fine I don’t know whether turtles can move laterally or not but it seems like a good great analogy.

4. DWill, please shave. David Locke was kissing up to you when he told you he likes it.

5. If you weren’t paying attention to the score, the final score was somewhat surprising. I didn’t feel like USA outplayed Canada by a great deal until maybe midway through the 3rd or the 4th.

More knowledge/info gleaned from the wonderful, professional Chinese commentators:
1. (Following a “I’m so witty haha” CP13 remark): The American players really have to get used to playing with their Olympics numbers.

2. (Talking about American players playing on other nations’ Olympics teams): JR Holden is not Russian any way you look at it. Our over-18 audience might have had a drink called “Black Russian” before. Well, that’s Holden–a black Russian! (followed by “I’m so witty” chortling)

3. They still don’t know DWill’s name. The more ABC commentator refers to him as DWill, while the more local commentator is calling him Der-on.

Update: The ABC one is calling him Der-on too. Even though both of them can clearly hear the announcer say “Deron Williams” every time DWill scores or is subbed in/out.

4. Las Vegas is a very, very dry place. It is so dry that Asians would be uncomfortable spending more than one day there, and might experience very dry throats just walking around. Las Vegas is not like Macau or Beijing, which are more humid. Therefore, Vegas is not a good place to hold this game, because it does not simulate environmental conditions in Beijing. (Yeah I’m sure that was on the top of the list of concerns for the Team USA machine).

5. (Camera shows Clyde the Glide) Hey, we have to give this guy a mention. He will be in Taiwan this summer. [No mention of who “this guy/he” is before digressing to Vince Carter’s last visit to Taiwan]. According to the commentators, Clyde, Glen Rice, Scottie, and Armstrong will all be in Taiwan.

6. Lebron is sad because he couldn’t play today. He’s already bitten off all his fingernails and now he’s bored and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Off tangent, I wonder which way Deron Washington’s name is pronounced.

Even more off tangent, I really want to try the Cordon Bleu chicken sandwich at KFC that they kept showing in commercials during the game.

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