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Extension, Trade, and Draft Odds and Ends

July 4, 2008

The focus of Jazzland is DWill’s extension.  He’s saying all the right things, he’s living in SLC year-round now, his wife apparently likes living there…but it seems that the length of the extension he signs will depend on his view of how strong the Jazz’ commitment is to winning–

I’m also pretty certain sure that DWill has been keeping tabs on CP’s contract negotiatons, and CP’s terms will influence his view on how much he thinks he should get (chip on shoulder, being disrespected all his life, etc.)

…and so, here we go again…the fact of the matter is, you can’t really complain about the owner/management’s commitment to winning if you have a max or very large contract that prevents them from going after “the missing piece” (which in all likelihood is an expensive piece) to the championship.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I love DWill.  He and he alone is why I’m jazz-fanatical again.  I haven’t been this excited and enthused about the Jazz since Stock retired from basketball and Karl retired from the Jazz.  But I think DWill’s first priority is taking care of DWill.  I can’t fault him for that, but at the same time there is of course the fan side of me that thinks that true commitment to winning means making sacrifices.  Well, they don’t make them [agent-free] like Stock no more.  This is a different world.


Those stupid rumors about Booz to Miami fill me up with so much darn hope.  I honestly don’t care how he came to the Jazz and what it means as to what kind of person he is, but I can see the argument for trading him just to make sure that we aren’t left with nothing in return should he head for warmer pastures.

Recently I re-watched the 11/30/07 Jazz-Lakers game twice.  Booz was injured and AK played out of his mind insane–triple double and one block short of a 5×5…

(OK, so AK isn’t the best shooter, but he is a complete player like no other.  He does everything on both ends of the court.  He can even spell the team at PG if needed.)

…but it wasn’t even about the stats.  His passing was jaw-droppingly incredible and DWill put on a master driving exhibition.  It took me like three hours to watch the game both times because between AK and Dwill, there were innumerable amazing highlights I couldn’t not rewind.  Anyway, my point is that it gave me a good idea of the face of the Jazz sans Booz, and the Jazz were lookin’ mm mm good.


You know how they say that fashion trends always come back round? And/or, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Well, Eric Gordon’s sartorial hero is apparently Nick Young (yes, I had to go look up his name). Either that or both just happen to favor the “piano key” look.

Meanwhile, both RLo and JNo seem to like the clown look.  (Should we take bets on how long before Lopez gets busted for pot?)

And that’s all I got on the draft (yes, the Jazz picked another tall white guy)…

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