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Is he on the team or not?!

June 21, 2008

The USA roster was supposed to be announced on Monday, but by Thursday, the names of half the team has already been revealed (Kidd, Wade Howard, Prince, Redd, and CP3).  Why does CP3 get to be among the early namees? 

I ask this only partially in the usual “chip on the shoulder Jazz fan” manner.  The rest of the “partially” stems from the fact that CP apparently sucked big time last time he forayed into int’l ball:

His lack of size and lack of experience were exploited by opponents in Japan, where Coach K took the starter’s job away from him and gave it to Kirk Hinrich. (snicker snicker)

Dime breaks down the PG choices.  DWill’s disadvantage, apparently, is that NBA coaches/fans are dumb and he hasn’t played in any All-Star games.

Let’s see how well CP3 acclimates to playing against bigger, physical PGs, as he doesn’t seem real big on physical contact.

Whine whine incessant whine…

Update: So all these other players get confirmed for the team before the official announcement…but when the Salt Lake Tribune contacts Colangelo for info, they get a “no comment“:

“They are two highly thought-of candidates to be on the team,” Colangelo said in a phone interview with The Tribune. “We’ve said that all along, but we’re not pre-announcing anything.”

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