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USA and NBA Finals Odds and Ends

June 18, 2008

Hmmm….Chauncey is out.  This bodes well for DWill and not well for my joke of a bank account (but of course the massive expenditure would be worth it).  The roster will be announced on Monday. 


I seriously hope that a “source” will spill all, in full gory detail, regarding the abuse Kobe threw at his minions teammates during timeouts and/or in the locker room during Game 6.   


The Finals couldn’t have gone any better for the NBA.  First, it went to 6 games so TV ratings/ad revenues blah blah.  Second, the Celtics winning it all means that it can stop pretending to discuss 1) realigning the divisions to offset the disparity between the West and the East; 2) changing the Playoffs format to Top 16 teams regardless of division/conference.

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