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June 5, 2008

Tickets for the pre-Olympics USA-Russia exhibition game in Shanghai have gone on sale.  If I’m going to fly there for the game, I might as well splurge on the RMB 3,000 courtside seats, right?

The dilemma: the USA roster will not be announced until the end of the month, by which time the courtside seats will probably be gone.  I’m not going to pay RMB 3,000 + plane ticket to go watch Boozer play (if there were no international travel involved, I’d definitely go catch a game that AK was playing in though).

So do I get the ticket now?  Do I not?

I have to say, I wouldn’t put it past myself to fly there anyway, if DWill doesn’t make the team, just to hold up a sign telling Coach K that it was a dumb ass move leaving DWill at home. 


It’s starting to look to me like drafting Hibbert would be a bad move for the J.  My complete and total lack of G’town loyalty aside, the following quote made or broke Hibbert for me:

I just love watching [the Jazz] play.  I always have film of Carlos’  post moves and everything so I try to learn from him…he has really good footwork, he really score the ball really well in the paint, and he’s an aggressive player.


Either the tapes are really old, they show Carlos showing off his moves in his backyard in the absence of opponents, or to Roy, “really good footwork” = not moving your feet; “score the ball really well in the paint” = jacking up fadeaway jumpers in the general paint-ish area; “aggressive” = over the back and loose ball fouls.

Honey, if a successful NBA career is one of your goals, perhaps it’d be best if you found a different player to model yourself after….  

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