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May 22, 2008

enough of the optimism. enough of the “glass is half full” talk. enough about how it was a good season and enough of the excuses about how the jazz are still young/inexperienced. enough of the “there’s always next year” crap.  there will be at AT LEAST ten teams vying for the eight playoff spots in the west next year. there are no guarantees. there ISN’T always next year. it’s all about NOW.

the point is, the Jazz made it to the WCF last year (GS knocked off Dallas, they weren’t total scrubs), and therefore not making it as far and farther (further) renders the season a disappointment.

finally got around to listening to the recordings of the post-game shows from 1280 and 1320. good news is that it hurts a little less (sometimes). bad news is after avoiding all the sports and jazz sites for a few days, there are hoooouuuurrrrrs of reading and listening to catch up on.

clips worth listening to (that took me forever to edit together):

some J-Slo love
Redemption / Why didn’t Jerry pull Boozer? / Let’s send Boozer to Karl Malone summer camp


what am i gonna do all summer? fashion commenting on draft suit choices with C will provide a momentary distraction, as will the olympics if DWill makes the team, but other than that…i almost wish we could just skip over summer and arrive at Nov. 1 when the Jazz play their first game of the 08-09 season with their new and improved sans Boozer roster.

wait…that’s crazy talk. i love summer.


At halftime, C starts gloating: Ha Kobe only has two points and it’s halftime. Spurs up by 8.

In the third, M checks on the score and the Spurs are up by ten.

The next time M checks, the Spurs are only ahead by 4 with scant minutes to go in the 4th.

M: what happened??????
C: I don’t know, but the Spurs better win!!!
C: aaaargh.

M: i’m going to kill the spurs if they lose
C: Me first.
M: i would think you would be too sad to take action. not me though. they’re supposed to be my revenge on the stupid lakers.
C: I need them to win!!!
M: you’ve been following the game. whose fault is it? i need to know who to hate/blame.
C: I think the Spurs fell apart.
M: so no specific individual for me to hate? i guess i can blame pop…
M: @$$^*%^*&*#%$^@$#T^%#$^%^*^&*#%^$#@%!@$@#
C: Now my day is ruined.

M: mine too. but at least your team hasn’t already cleaned out their lockers.
C: Blame Kobe, no matter whose fault it is.
M: no, i don’t want to give him any credit.

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    May 24, 2008 2:40 pm



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