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Game Recap + Some People Need to STFU

May 16, 2008

How does Boozer plan to approach Game 5? “Just keep being aggressive,” he said. “Have fun. Enjoy it out there. Continue to play good – and rebound the ball. Continue to take my shots and go from there.

There’s that “continue” again.

He also said: “If we play well in the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter, we’ll be all right, but you know, obviously, for us we have to not get down by too many…if we can get the lead and hold onto it, then we’ll have a good chance to win the game.


Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who was quoted by the Los Angeles Daily News as saying, “I would be very concerned, if I was living in the Mormon community and the Salt Lake community, at the quality of those signs that were out there. They were rather amoral and probably a bit raucous — on Mother’s Day and on Sunday.

Phil, STFU.


Game 5:
So FB continues in his quest to make his defenders look like amazing All-Universe Defensive All-Star master geniuses.

17 TOs and 11 BAs for the series.

Even David Locke had to admit that FB played poorly tonight. (Do you know how huge that is? You do if you’ve heard him yelling at callers for even daring to think a negative thought about Boozer. Up until that moment, no one being paid by the Larry H. Miller Group would even acknowledge the possibility that there was a problem.) The Jazz fans that called into the post-game shows after the game didn’t–COULDN’T–even complain about the officiating. They all knew what the reality is. Here are five choice calls:

Caller 1 – “I just don’t know if there are any Boozer apologists left”

Caller 2 – “Meaningless points, meaningless boards”

Caller 3 – “…Tell Boozer that yelling and screaming is not a tactic”

Caller 4 – “…you yell “BLOCK IT!” at Memo instead of actually leaving your feet yourself?!”

Caller 5 – “I don’t know what else [Jerry] can do”

FB homers want to say that it’s all about the way the opposing team is playing defense on him, doubling him and whatnot. Well, if that’s the case, the Jazz and their fans are completely screwed for the rest of the duration of his contract because every team in the NBA will start doing the exact same thing and the Jazz will lose because clearly Boozer does not know what to do except shoot when it happens. And as the response to the fifth caller revealed, he ignores Jerry. I REFUSE to believe that when Boozer is doubled, the best shot possible (for the team offense) is his weakass turnaround fadeaway jumper.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. UtesFan89 permalink
    May 17, 2008 10:54 am

    Phil trying to be a nice Mormon. Ha ha ha.
    I don’t think people will ever understand that SLC (and Utah) is not 110% Mormon… there are other types of religions here.

    By the way… doesn’t the quote imply that Jackson is spending too much time looking in the stands?

  2. dwillfan permalink*
    May 17, 2008 11:06 am

    he needs to find stuff to whine about besides the officiating and the Bear’s motorcycle exhaust/fireworks…


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