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May 12, 2008
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So much for all that big talk from Kobe about how he trusts his teammates. When the game was on the line, even though he was supposedly suffering from back spasms, Kobe took ALL the shots, and missed most of them (1-10 on 3’s and 13-33 overall).

Nice acting kneeling on the ground, and then later on conducting the post-game interview standing at the podium because his back was hurting sooooooooo bad. (The 1280 guys said that if it was TMac, he would have come out in a stretcher with an IV. LOL) Just because you live in LA doesn’t mean you should try your hand at acting.

At one point I got really dizzy and thought there was an earthquake, but it was actually just my heart, which was beating out of control.

DWill rocks. Memo got huge boards. AK had five blocks including two on Kobe in OT. Harp made his shots. FB turned back into his ol’ craporrible self–no defense, bad J’s, and softer than soft. He has terrible hands. Even in the last game, every time he got the ball in the post, he looked like he was on the verge of losing it–and of course, often he did. 3 TOs and 4 BAs in this game.

[Ridiculous. Ridiculous for a PF to get rejected that many times in one game. Soft soft soft.], giving him 14 TOs and 9 BAs in the four games in the series so far. I will give him his due for making his FTs late in the game. But still.

Finally…is there a bigger whiner on this earth than the Zen Master?

Even when the Jazz win, it’s still all about the Lakers and/or CP3. Let’s take a look.

CNNSI: The Jazz were barely mentioned except for the link at the bottom below the main story.

ESPN: CP3 overload over at ESPN (click to enlarge). Below the main story he has his own section (!!!) and at the top right, a “Who is Chris Paul” video.

Foxsports: All about Kobe.

All about Kobe.


Yahoo made several changes. Right after the game, it was all about the Lakers and how they fought back (I mean, who cares who their opponent was or that the opponent was the one that won the game, right?) A while later, they changed it to a picture of Carlos Boozer. Only Heaven knows why, as FB was once again insignificant, if not a liability. Of course, Carlos lasted only until the Spurs-NO game finished, at which time Yahoo! kicked out Carlos for NBA savior and heir to the throne CP3 and his gang.



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