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Trade Him Now + WTF is Vanessa Wearing?

May 8, 2008

It’s remarkable/impressive/unbelieveable that Carlos gets into foul trouble when he plays no defense. (I guess that’s what loose ball fouls are for.) Like the 1280 guys said, his defense is offensive.

“I have to maybe back off being physical a bit so I can stay in the game,” Boozer said. “I am being too physical, I suppose.”


This blog is turning into the “Stupid Carlos Boozer Quotes” or “Carlos Boozer Doesn’t Back It Up” blog.

I swear, Boozer must have something on, if not the entire team, then Jerry and DWill, that prevents Jerry from yanking his ass when he jacks up bad shots/plays no defense (I am SO sick of being a broken record) and DWill from calling him out when he plays like crap (like both do when it comes to AK).

I know he gets paid a heck of a lot of money, and Larry or whoever want to get their money’s worth, but surely, SURELY, winning is more important, isn’t it? Having FB out there on the floor to get your money’s worth = Jazz losing, so which is more important? I need to know now, because if the former is the one that’s more important, I need to stop watching / following Jazz games immediately.

And if he really is hurt, like some homers like to claim, he should NOT be in uniform or playing. He should be in his custom made suit, sitting behind the bench with Almond and Fess. When you are a liability on the court and hurting your own team, and don’t have the mental strength to play through it like Malone and Stock (who once arrived at a game attached to an IV and had to be sent home by Jerry), sit the hell down.

I truly feel like the Jazz are at the point that the Suns and Mavs arrived at where the current roster just does not have the capability to the next level and you either stagnate/learn to be content with just making the playoffs every year, or you gamble and make a blockbuster trade.



What the hell is she wearing?

Nice to see Ness dressed her daughter in her own skanky style.

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