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May 7, 2008

More jumpshots by FB.

“I’ve just got to knock it in (and) be more confident in my jumpshot. I’ve struggled a little bit with my shot in the playoffs and I’m aware of that,” Boozer said, “but I’m also aware that I’m playing really good basketball, just not making my jump shots, so I’m hoping my jump shot will start falling soon.”

Wonderful. Please note that he does not say ANYTHING about taking it to the rim more or being more aggressive. Instead, it’s all about his jumpshot. WONDERFUL. I think I might have a stroke.

Also, I guess the definition of “really good basketball” is shooting a really low FG%, accounting for over 50% of your teams TOs, scoring way under your season average, playing no defense, and making stupid decisions.

FB so needs to learn from Memo:

For the last several months before or after Jazz practices, assistant coach Tyrone Corbin has spent time working with center Mehmet Okur, sometimes bodying up on him but often charging at him on the perimeter, as defenders have come to do against Utah’s outside-shooting big man.

The work — which was Okur’s idea after he watched videos of the way opponents closed out against him outside — is paying off handsomely, as is the big Turk’s enhanced enthusiasm for rebounding and defense that he attributes to better health in the second half of the season.

“He’s terrific,” said Corbin. “He’s receptive. He’ll listen to what you’re saying, and he’ll have input as to what he’s thinking, and you can talk to him about that.

“Then I watched my individual films,” said Okur, “and I said, ‘I got to do a better job because they’re going to come at me, so I got to do better job put the ball on the floor or post-up,’ so I stay on the floor after practice or before practice, try to get better at that.”

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