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Dikembe on Stockton-to-Malone

May 3, 2008

Great. 1320 KFAN just announced the Utah-LAL schedule and two of the first four games are Sunday afternoon (aka my Monday 3:30 a.m.) games. Dark circles and lethargy for me for the next two weeks.

“This is a different [Utah] team,” Mutombo said. “You can’t compare them. You know, you have two Hall of Famers in John Stockton and Karl Malone. Even though they have Deron Williams now, you can’t compare John Stockton to anybody in the league today.”

Asked about Malone, Mutombo laughed. “People compare [Carlos] Boozer to Karl Malone and I don’t think so,” he said. “If you would have played against Karl Malone, you would know [Boozer] is not Karl Malone. . . . I don’t know so many people to play on the same level – with the same intensity and as physical – as Karl Malone did. You know, he bump everybody – big, small, Hall of Fame.

“I remember when you play against Karl Malone you tell yourself, ‘OK, I got myself six fouls and, If I don’t use five of them, Karl Malone will give them to me.’ He is the only guy who goes to the free-throw [line] 20 times every game. Nobody ever does it in this league. So I would never compare [Stockton and Malone] to any guys playing today.”

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