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April 30, 2008

I’ve had this post in my drafts for a few days now, but with Game 6 12 hours away, I figure I’d better sort the rambling into some semblance of order if possible, and hit that “publish post” button.

Before the game, FB had the audacity to tell the media that he knows he’s playing well, he just isn’t shooting well.

He went on:
“I know I’m a great player. I’m just going to keep playing, keep doing the other things that are helping my team win and I know my shots are going to fall tomorrow night. Make sure you all come and show up.”

FB’s Game 5 shot chart:

I KNOW Sloan coaches an inside-out strategy. What did FB do as soon as he got the ball in the 1st Q? You can see above. 

Carlos Boozer, I hereby bestow you with the Lowest Bball IQ in NBA History Award. It is well deserved. Believe me, no one deserves it as much as you do.     

Three Rockets were needed to box out Sap. Boozer was boxed out with one finger.
My intense distaste for FB’s bonehead decisions, lack of heart, big talkeritude, and complete and utter indifference towards defense is distracting me from how much I love the Jazz. I’m having trouble concentrating on the game when he is on the floor, between cringing when he shoots, yelling when he shoots, and yelling at Jerry for not subbing him out (or subbing him in) and sticking his ass to the bench.
Well, as it turns out, this distraction was a good thing on G5 day. I was seriously bummed around noon at the end of the game…but in the next few hours, my heartbrokenness unknowingly gave way to disgust with Boozer. By mid-afternoon, I no longer felt upset. That’s right. My intense disgust of and frustration towards Boozer eclipsed my love of the Jazz.

After the game…

Who the F told you that you could approach the podium, FB? You are not fit to share a stage with DWill. Why don’t you pull your disappearing act and let DWill have the stage to himself. And take your sweaty ass towel with you. In fact, you should just follow DWill’s example in every aspect of life.

What insight did FB have to share during the session?
“I just gotta continue to be aggressive…just play the game.”


Good one.

Miscellaneous ramble:

I want to see AK at the 4. It’s a strategy that we know worked in Game 1; it’s AK’s natural position; it’s the position AK played when he was an All-Star.

Good to see that Jerry still has the fire. I wouldn’t mind seeing a [more commonly occurring] technical from him here and there.

In conclusion, remember how FB said after game 2, “we’re not coming back”? Well, it was a typical case of him using the word “we” when what he meant was “I.” And he was right. He sure as hell was absent in Houston.


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