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DWill Rules All

April 28, 2008
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“Somebody alert Carlos Boozer that the playoffs have started.”–1280 The Zone Post Game Show

This was the first thing they said after announcing the result of the game.

I’m just quoting.

DWill rules all. He’s beat up. He’s injured. He’s playing 44-45 minutes per game in this series, and he is willing the Jazz to wins with his heart. DWill is quite an apt nickname for him. And once again, he had the podium all to himself, making me gleeful.

My earlier vow prevents me from commenting on certain teammates of his who were mentioned at the top of the post.


So I find it interesting that Tracy is doing everything he can to extend my most hated NBA player list to 7. He is a whiny little baby who has no problems throwing his teammates under the bus, throwing his coach under the bus, taking shots at the opposing coach, or dissing opposing players (video) that rule his ass, all the while running away from the ball in the 4th Q.

On a related note, several sites have pointed out in the past few days that Melo is the new T-Crap. Not that the original T-Crap has changed his legacy.

Career Post-season series:
TCrap: 0-7
Melo: 0-5

Both are also smug as hell, like to throw their teammates and coaches under the bus in post-game interviews after losses, and unable to take a good, hard look at himself.

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