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Carlos Talks Too Much

April 25, 2008

I guess I’ll let Carlos do the talking.

“We’re not coming back”–Carlos after Game 2

“If we hit our free throws, we win the game.”–Carlos after Game 3. He was 3 of 8 and 0 for 2 in the 4th quarter on FTs.

He continues: “I don’t think I’m getting into the flow of things. I think I definitely need to get the ball more. They’re doing a good job defensively.”

Right. You need to get the ball more because you do such good things with it.

The thing is, Carlos Boozer likes to talk a big game. He talks like he’s the leader of the team. He acts like he’s the leader of the team (off the court).

And it freaking drives me crazy. Anytime he talks about things the Jazz need to improve on, he says “we.” Like it’s the whole team’s problem. It’s not the whole team’s problem, Carlos. It’s yours. You’re the one making the big bucks. Start earning them.

I can’t talk about him anymore. Because I am so sick of him.

The only good thing about today? He wasn’t at the podium during the post-game interview. I don’t know why that is, but I get secret satisfaction out of it, as he is not deserving of the title of leader, nor is he the team’s star, nor does he have the right to represent the team.

It was Dwill all by his lonesome. And putting my own sadness and frustration and heartache aside, I felt so bad for Dwill. He looked so bummed. You know why? Because he cares about the game and the results and whether they won or lost. Unlike some people.

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