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Salmagundi post

April 22, 2008

I got ready (and dressed) for work during halftime. But I soon had to start taking layers off because I was seriously getting overheated (this goes back to my previous post about game-opausal symptoms).

Speaking of which, doesn’t Scola get overheated wearing that wig during games?

Give me a break. There is no way that nasty weave is his real hair.

Knowledge (trivia) gleaned from the Chinese commentators: T-Mac’s nickname in Chinese is Mai Yi Lun (First Round Mac). Hwa hwa hwa.

I love this Jazz. I love Dwill. I love AK. I love Korver (I don’t find him hot like the women in Utah, but the more shots he makes, the better looking he gets*). I love hard foul tough aggressive Memo. Tough Memooooooooooooooooo!!! (said the way Charles says “Ginobiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!”)

More on the Chinese commentators: Dwill passed the ball to Boozer in the post and Booz tossed it up with the basket behind him and made it.

Commentator 1: Williams and Boozer are the second coming of Stockton and Malone.

Commentator 2: Would Malone have made that basket?

(both laugh)

At this time, I start getting riled up on Karl’s behalf. I mean, c’mon. Boozer, at age 26 or whatever he is, is on the same level as Karl when Karl was 40.

Then Commentator 1 said: You’re right. Malone would have gone in strong and dunked it with authority.

And I was pacified.

Who decides who does the post-game (podium) interviews? Why is Booz there? OK, I’m going to stop with that. I promised I wouldn’t say anything negative about him as long as the Jazz win. (The comment above comparing him to 40-year old Karl doesn’t count. It is fact.)

Post-game comment:
Asked if the mostly undersized Rockets are capable of matching the Jazz’s physicality, Battier — a Detroit-area product — hedged.”Well, we’re gonna try,” he said. “I mean, we’re not the biggest team. They’ve got some big beefy boys. I don’t know what they feed ’em in Utah, but — I’m from the Midwest — those are Midwest, corn-fed hosses.”

Um hello. Boozer is undersized. Sap is DEFINITELY undersized. AK47 is as skinny as they come. Price is tiny. DWill is the only one who might be above-average size for the position he plays. And btw, the Jazz have no 7-footers on their roster. So watchu talkin’ about, Shane?

And around the NBA…
Once again, this picture would seem to indicate that Booz was the reason Utah won. But that’s not my point, nor am I commenting on the implication. My point is the link on the bottom right: 

“Kobe wants to stay in L.A.”

Kobe is the equivalent of a bandwagon fan. Now that they completed the “We’ll give you Gasol if you let us win” trade, Kobe is happy and wants to stay in Kobeland. Just like when a team is winning, “fans” wearing newly-purchased team gear turn out in lemming droves and when a team is losing, the arena is empty and the announcer lies about attendance during home games.

This picture has such a Chinese, commie feel. Interesting.

My palms hurt. They sting. I don’t care. I love this Jazz.

 *The 1280 guys on Kyle’s good-lookingness


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