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NBA Sh!tlist

April 6, 2008
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Inspired by the latest M&C email exchange during Q4 of the Denver-Sac game (which started with “Go Sac (M)” and “So far so good (C)” and soon turned into “I hate Melo (M),” “I hate Camby (C),” and “I also hate Kenyon Martin (M)”), I celebrate my –boredom– (what’s the html for strikethroughs?) free time this sunny Sunday afternoon with my list of most hated NBA players: (in no particular order)

1. Dick Nowitzki (not a typo) –Dallas
(for his flagrant foul that sidelined AK for several games and overall krautness. Karma (Ime Udoka) is a beeyatch you dick.)

2. Melo–Denver
(for being a whiny little bitch when AK made the All-Star team and you didn’t. If you want to whine about how you should have made the team, fine. But to name the player you think should have been left out for you is immature, rude, and shows your lack of upbringing.)

3. Kleiza–Denver
(for kicking Korver when he was on the ground. Of course, the three blind mice didn’t see or do anything about it. Eurotrash.)

4. KMart–Denver
(for being a dirty ass thug and for initiating an altercation with Malone. The Mailman is a freakin’ legend, you ass. You’re lucky you’re still alive. He should have beat your ass into the ground and left you there.)

5. Kobe–LAL
(no explanation necessary)

6. The Big Idiot–Phoenix
(for, like I said, being an idiot, for thinking you’re humorous, for being a petulant child, for thinking that you’d be anywhere but living on a street corner with a cardboard sign if you hadn’t gotten lucky with the tall gene.)

Yes. My –boredom– free time is such that I went through every single team roster to make sure that I didn’t leave out anyone that belongs on this list. And yes. I do hold grudges. I still hate Derrick Coleman and Byron Scott for talking shit about Malone, and Webber and Charles for admitting that they were intentionally trying to hurt Stock. But you can’t really hate Charles.

There are others that I don’t like and that I think are a waste of space, but that I don’t hate on a personal level (Vince, Cheap Shot Bob, and Ginobaldi, for example).

Note: During last year’s playoffs, I fully hated Baron Davis and J-Rich for their horrible flagrant fouls on Jazzmen. However, as the list above reveals, I hate the Enver (they don’t play D) Thuggets/McNuggets more than any other team, hence I am now rooting for the Dubs.

and P.S. Wow. I had no idea Othella Harrington was still in the L (though he’s only played 22 games this year).

Geez. I had no idea I would have this much to say.

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