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Chinese Commentator Fail

March 4, 2008
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Insight from Chinese commentators during the Jazz-Mavs game:

–Dampier can’t get it up when it comes to scoring this season (actually, what they said was that he “can’t get hard”)

–AK’s wife, Marsha, used to be an “idol” pop star, but then moved to the US and gorged on too much American food. (Anyone that knows their stuff knows that MASHA released her album while living in Salt Lake.) And they said all this when the camera panned to her after Dickwad Nowitzki flagranted AK.

–Everyone has it wrong, and Deron’s name is pronounced Der-ron. I feel like giving these analysts a call.

And this was only the first half. Had to miss the second due to work (but of course caught the radio broadcast online at the office).

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