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Access is a drug

February 24, 2008
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Constancy is underrated.

Sloan has been on the bench since I started following the Jazz, and the other 29 teams have changed coaches 200 times. It would be too weird if he weren’t there.

There’s a tradition of winning. The biggest blow (Stock’s retirement, when I discovered, where I found the only people on earth that could understand how I was feeling) was followed by a +.500 year. The “rebuilding years” lasted for, at most, three seasons, and in only one of those did the J fall below .500.

The more access there is, the more it matters. This season, I started listening to every game online. There are numerous jazz blogs offering analysis and insight. The wonderful Basketballjohn sometimes posts videos of post-game locker room interviews. Thefansports has become one of my most oft-visited sites. I can listen to interviews with players, coaches, Larry Miller. I can practically recite all the ads/jingles played on the station. I’ve never taken losses well (hence that one losing season was my most indifferent in 15 years, and only because I could not stomach checking the game results and seeing an “L” all the time), but now when they lose, it’s worse than ever.

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