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Blogging Version of Twiddling My Thumbs

February 23, 2008

woke up at 7:20 and since then have been bored as hell waiting for the jazz game to start at 11:30. 2.5 hours to go, sigh.

just a little something to whittle away a few minutes–observations from all-star weekend:

M: yao ming wears a wedding ring.

M: tim is short!!!!
and why do they look like they are heading to three different events?
C: Hahaha! I guess this picture is supposed to be one rep from each of the Texan teams?

M: this looks like a taiwanese style wedding photo
and couldn’t they have cropped out the edges so you can’t tell where the backdrop ends?
C: Exactly!!! Where is Ah Lian’s bride?

M: father and son. lb suffers from the greg oden syndrome. and have you ever noticed how huge his nose is????
C: Who’s that other guy?
M: Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.
C: Why is he called Boobie?
M: I don’t know.

M: this so reminds me of the pics of a-bian posing as he “picks up trash” from the street

M: it reminds me of like andre the giant and wallace shawn from the princess bride. ah the pride of china. also why is yao ming wearing white shoes knowing he’s going to be working in the mud
C: Why is Jet Li there? What’s his connection? I bet Yao Ming is supporting 90% of the weight.
M: and since jet is 2 feet shorter, why is he stooping over more than yao?

C: Ridiculous.

M: tim has had too much botox. his face really never changes.

M: this is cute

M: is that his daughter? she looks like the boy
C: She has a mustache too.
M: they look hispanic

C: How come she’s not wearing the I cheated on you but bought you this ring?
M: because she was already too weighed down by her makeup.

M: two strangers posing together…i wonder if they’ve even met before this

M: hahah karl wasn’t wearing a vest after all
C: I really want to know what they were saying!!!
M: “remember that time you elbowed me in the head and sent me to the hospital unconscious?”
“yeah man sorry about that.”

C: None of them look like him. The younger two look alike.
M: are you sure those are his sons and not three random kids? they look nothing like him. out of the three i guess the youngest one looks most like him. the oldest one, do you realize he’s like 6′ tall?


M: did you realize the east squad featured .5 white guys and the west featured 2 white guys and one chinese?
C: And the white guys on the west are both foreign?
M: if canadian is foreign.


Team USA will enter the Olympics as the favorite, but the field already includes four teams — Argentina, Spain, Russia, Lithuania — that can be considered legitimate threats to defeat the United States, and a fifth — Greece — is expected to be one of three teams to emerge from a pre-Olympic qualifying tournament to be held in July in Athens.

The Americans will face Canada in an exhibition game in Las Vegas before flying to Asia, and they are still working to finalize agreements to play exhibitions against Russia, Lithuania and possibly Australia when they play in Macao and Shanghai. (Plans for an exhibition against Team China have been scrapped at the request of the Chinese federation, Colangelo said.)

Promoters in Taiwan are trying to entice the Americans to play there, too, but Colangelo is worried about the logistical complications of playing there because the team would not be able to fly directly to China, instead having to transit through Hong Kong before flying to Shanghai.

“When we land in Beijing on Aug. 6, I don’t want the guys tired because of an extra side trip. It’s not worth the extra dollars. I’d rather raise the extra money by getting a sponsorship deal done here,” Colangelo said.

C: Poor Taiwan. Ah-bian ruined it.
M: poor me if dwill is on the team.

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