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Boo Boo Boozer

January 22, 2008
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M (to C):

conversation between radio station and boozer:
(talking about football and brett favre)
b: i do think he’s having a good time out there, the guys rejunvenating him a little bit, plus winning always helps and now they have a chance to go to the super bowl, but at the same time to have the opportunity to go out on top is rare in sports
rs: do athletes fantasize about that?
b: i do, i would like my last year to win a championship and then go off in the sunset somewhere
rs: you ever talk to david robinson about that? cuz he’s one of the few guys that’s actually done it
b: yeah, i don’t know david very well, i met him a couple of times, very nice guy, but he’s very fortunate to be able to do so

C: Ok, I like him now. Good judge of character.

M: he’s ruining my life.

he plays no defense whatsoever, and for someone who’s supposed to be the second coming of karl (with dwill being john), he is driving me crazy. he hates physical contact and all he does is shoot fadeaway jumpers (fadeaway because he’s always trying to avoid physical contact) and he never goes after rebounds.

C: Fine, I don’t like him, for you. Boo Boo Boozer.

M: that makes you, me, and cleveland.

C: That don’t like him?

M: yeah

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