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Jazzmen and Their Man-Purses

December 30, 2007

From’s blog:

In tribute to Giricek, we had a discussion about man-purses in the locker room before the game. This led to an unprecedented declaration from Deron Williams, who announced with gusto: “I have a man-purse.”

Giricek had a carry-all that he took with him everywhere. Williams has what is better described as a toiletry bag that he brings to games. He got even up to compare his bag to Mehmet Okur’s, which is far more man-purse than Williams’ bag.

The big difference (all the Jazz players have Louis Vuitton bags) is size. Williams bag has two zippers and is much larger. Okur’s has one zipper and is considerably smaller. Hence the difference between a toiletry bag and a man-purse.

Yet Williams seemed to delight in bragging about having a man-purse (he was wearing a Gucci stocking cap and Gucci shoes). When he got up to do a TV interview, I told him to make sure he took his purse with him. And, yes, Giricek will be missed.

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