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Excitement + The Impact of Fantasy

November 1, 2007
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I am so pumped about this season! I listened to Game 1/82 vs. the Dubs online and I’m pretty sure everyone at work thinks I’m crazy but oh well. Dubs got their asses whupped and I am so in love with my guys. Whoohoo!!

On a separate note, I found myself exhibiting some seriously messed up behavior when I realized that I was half-hoping for Okur to not have a great game because he is the one Jazz starter that managed to get away from me during my [very first–eek!] fantasy draft. As it turns out, he didn’t have even an OK game, but I must remind myself that reality comes first, then fantasy.

Henry Abbott over at TrueHoop says:

…there are only two ways you can go about [fantasty basketball]:
*Not do very well.
*Obsess over it many hours a day.

I think that if I actually knew anything about any of the other 28 teams, I’d so be in the second category. Lack of aformentioned knowledge prevents me from being in the second category, though I’m finding that I definitely have that tendency. Good thing I don’t have a real job or nuthin’.

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