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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 11/21

November 24, 2014
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Regarding Quin Snyder’s technical, did you know he had it in him?
Yeah, he’s yelled at me and gave me a look a few times. So, there’s no question.

On Alec Burks’ improved rebounding
Quin’s got a certain way of challenging guys, that it’s very pointed and direct and, but yet not demeaning.

And I think the nice thing with Alec, all the past three-plus seasons we challenged him to do something, whether it’s getting back to Salt Lake, or working on his finishing, or improving his free throw shooting, in this case just being more attentive to rebounding, and guys of character will respond.

On reacting to other teams vs. forcing other teams to react to you
There’s a lot of train of thoughts, and I’ve seen it done very well, where you’re matching, you’re a matchup team. So, meaning you get a matchup in your favor and maybe you play through that particular player inside of a scheme. And you can milk that and get the defense in rotation.

And especially with the old illegal defensive rules, it was unbelievable strategy. Rudy Tomjanovich was one of the best I’ve seen at milking matchups, and you, of course, guys had a long time to see John [Stockton] and Karl [Malone] on particular matchups and on switches.

The issue comes with, when you’re rolling the ball into the post or particular matchups, many times you gotta reorganize the court and the ball stops. And so, [Gregg] Pop[ovich] attacked being efficient on offense in a much different way, where we were much less matchup-oriented, and we wanted to play what San Antonio calls “motion,” what we call our “flow.”

And we play into situations, and we would rather the ball not stop. Not necessarily, not that it won’t ever stop when you get a “one” switched on a “five” and you roll ‘em into the post, but we would rather the ball move over the period of 48 minutes, more than most.

And so, how we played in San Antonio when I was there, starting in ’07 and how we’re trying to play now is, is a little less matchup-oriented, and we’re playing into our schemes. So we’re a little less worried about what you do, because if you do this, we react this way.

But no matter how we react, it’s a non-negotiable: Don’t stop the ball. Don’t massage it. We, many times we don’t even want foot fakes and ball fakes. We want you to catch it and pull it and have a good idea of what you’re going to do with the ball even before you receive it. And it’s a different way to play; it’s a different way to teach.

And so, but certainly within every game, there’s going to be things that you’re gonna want to capitalize out of a timeout or out after a free throw on the, when the play stops and you can organize your group. But right now, as much as anything, playing into our flow, we’re playing into concepts more than matchups.

On Stephen Curry
He’s a handsome young man.

Dennis Lindsey schools Spencer Checketts
Checketts: The real question, Dennis, obviously now that you’ve seen ‘em play is, would Kentucky beat the Philadelphia 76ers?

Lindsey: Oh man, come on now. Come on. It’s, you kn–there’s, that, nonsense like that doesn’t give respect to the league.

Look, it’s, if, I love college basketball. I love what it stands for, the product. Certainly love my teams that I have allegiances to. I love the local teams. But you move up close to NBA action versus non-NBA action with a shot clock, with the athletes. It’s, it, you kn–questions like that really, you know, are nonsense.

I think Vegas went through, and their lines, and as you know, those guys and their algorithms are pretty sophisticated, and they came back with lines that Philly would smash–Philly’s very young, and Philly’s hurt, and certainly competition in the league is very difficult when you’re of the age that us and Philly are in, and the window that we’re in.

But these athletes at the NBA level, with a shot clock and our rules, I, you kn–I’d like to, it, for it to play out once so everybody could see the difference in the level of skill and size and athleticism.

Checketts: You know, just to be clear, I was asking in jest. The answer is obviously a resounding no. I was just hoping to get a chuckle. So. Just to be clear. Hey, welcome home. (1280)

Game 14 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Pelicans (5-9)

November 23, 2014

sad quin

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the game
We just weren’t physical enough at the beginning of the game, and we can’t work our way into it…It takes too much energy to come back, and then you’re drained. … We’re not a good enough team to, I mean, our margin for error’s really small. So, if we have, you know, a stretch of four, five, six minutes where those things happen, you know, it makes it really, really hard. And that’s what happened tonight.
** Snyder on turnovers
There’s just a carelessness at times with the basketball. Guys gotta, we can’t work on, some of that. You know, it’s just, there’s gotta be a realization that those things are killing us. You know, that, it’s hard to overcome that, those turnovers. And it’s just, you know, I don’t have a lot of answers for some of those plays. … We just have to take responsibility for what we’re doing. I mean, it’s just, there’s mistakes, and just like, you can’t do that. You know, and guys have to be accountable for that. We’re at a point right now where, you know, you can’t accept those plays individually and collectively ’cause it’s hard to win. You know, it’s just that simple.
** Snyder on defending Anthony Davis
There was never really an opportunity to double him, ’cause he goes qui–so quickly when he gets the ball. It’s a real challenge. I think the thing you can’t do is give him some easy baskets, which he got some of those tonight too. And that just, you know, puts fuel on the fire.

** Trey Burke on the game
We didn’t get the stops that we needed, in the times that we needed. So you know, I think it was a solid night for us. The defensive end, we were just bad. … You’re gon have some games where you, you’re, you come out as a team slow. You know, it’s too long of a season. But the games, you know, the game that you don’t come out slow, you know, that’s what you have to build consistently. We have to build that, and we’re getting to that level.
** Gordon Hayward on his performance tonight
Tried to give us something. We needed some energy. We needed a spark. Tried to do whatever I could…Just tried to do whatever I could to try to give us some energy.
** Trevor Booker, asked what was said at halftime
I mean, we just knew we had to come out with more energy. We were pretty flat that first half, so we just talked amongst ourselves and you know, we knew that we had to come out with more energy.
** Booker, told that Trey Burke said the team needs to play at tip-off like it’s already losing
I mean, if he wanna do that, I mean, I have no problem with it.

jerry tweet

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring: The length of Hayward is going to bother Tyreke Evans tonight. (H/T ‏@Mark_R_Pereira)
** Steve Brown on the military surprise: If that doesn’t bring a lump to your throat, what will?
** Brown: Gets that ball in. There’s the touch Hayward needs.

plastic udqm

** Harpring on blow-up dolls whatever was going on above: Steve, they put you in one of those little plastic things, you wouldn’t be able to get out.
Brown: That’s probably true.
Harpring: You’d get stuck.
Brown: The difference is, I can get into one of those, but you can’t. Not that you won’t.
Harpring: My one leg would.
** Trey Burke, post-game: That’s a problem that we had last year. We would come out stagnant, and it kinda killed us as we were coming from behind.
** Gordon Hayward on the Pelicans’ offensive rebounding: Put you down in a hole fast, and it’s hard to get out of that.

game 14

Thanks to @davidjsmith1232 for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Pelicans: Opponent Game Thread Highlights

November 23, 2014
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Today’s Opponent Game Thread host: The Bird Writes.

Sloppy beginning.
by David Fisher on Nov 22, 2014 | 8:18 PM

So wet

by #takinflight on Nov 22, 2014 | 8:23 PM

Utah announcers are so far not annoying
by Icebird on Nov 22, 2014 | 8:23 PM

Quin Snyder’s hair
What is goin on?

by #takinflight on Nov 22, 2014 | 8:26 PM

Hey, he’s still alive!
I just saw Jimmer going to the timeout.

by Oleh on Nov 22, 2014 | 8:28 PM

With minimal effort on defense. A layup on a basic flex cut is a sin.

by David Fisher on Nov 22, 2014 | 8:29 PM

AD is just sick!
by Oleh on Nov 22, 2014 | 8:53 PM

still so wet

by #takinflight on Nov 22, 2014 | 8:54 PM

18 PT lead real quick!
by fshabazz on Nov 22, 2014 | 9:06 PM

The NBA is crazy
I expected Utah to give us trouble, not Denver.

by Oleh on Nov 22, 2014 | 9:07 PM

Monty is like the mischievious dog knows what to do but just doesn’t do it
Knows we have to push the tempo but doesn’t
Knows we have to rebound but doesn’t put rebounders in
Ya just wanna smack him with a paper sometimes

by sd3 on Nov 22, 2014 | 9:57 PM

I must admit
I’ve enjoyed the Jazz announcers. They’ve been more than fair and I love hearing how they are genuinely in awe of AD.

by Oleh on Nov 22, 2014 | 10:01 PM

there are simply no more words.

by Oleh on Nov 22, 2014 | 10:02 PM

Ryan Anderson
Only explanation for his shooting woes in last two games is that living in New Orleans has resulted in his inability to play at altitude

by BenDerDonDat on Nov 22, 2014 | 10:19 PM

Awesomeness of AD
Pels win with Reke and Anderson going 6 for 28

by BenDerDonDat on Nov 22, 2014 | 10:25 PM

Game 13 of 82: Utah Jazz at Golden State of Warriors (5-8)

November 22, 2014


[Golden State Warriors Player Development Coach] Jarron Collins was at the game.

That’s all I got.

Pre-Game Quotage
** Enes Kanter on how much of the game is mental for him
Last year–I’m talking about myself–I started really good in season and then we start losing, and then my focus went down. So this year, I mean, it doesn’t matter what happen, if we win, if we lose. I just wanna keep my focus same. You know, just be hungry every night.
** Kanter on how Quin Snyder has connected with him
So, first day he got the job, right, he called me and he just talked to me. It just show me something, the communication. You know what I mean, he just call me and he’s just, his voice wasn’t like, “Oh, I’m the coach. I know everything.” He wasn’t like that. His voice was, like, “Okay, I’m the coach, but I’m gonna try to help you get better, be a better player. You help me, and I’ll help you.”…He came to Chicago to visit me when I was doing my rehabs, and I think, he’s the guy that, like, you go out there and [fight] for him.
** Kanter on the future of the Jazz
I think the Jazz trying to build something really special, can go years and years. You know what I mean? Not just me, with everybody on the team, I think is trying to take the next step…I want this team to shock everybody.

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the game
We got punched, and we weren’t ready to take that punch. And you know, I, we’ve responded in those situations before, and I don’t, I didn’t think we responded the way that we need to. And you know, if you’re not gonna compete really, really hard against these guys, they, it’s not enough. You know, it’s not enough. There has to be an urgency, and that’s a credit to Golden State and how well they play.
** Enes Kanter on the game
…punch, and we just couldn’t answer it. Like boxers. So, I mean, we just, they just knocked us down, in f–you know, first point, and then we were just down, and we just couldn’t get back…They just want it more than us, I think, and then they just got it.

ingles dante

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Steve Brown: Gordon Hayward goes behind the back, and then dumps it off to Favors for Derrick’s finish.
** Matt Harpring: With [Steve] Novak in the game now, you’re basically playing four out, one in with Favors.
** Brown on Secaucus: …See-cock-us…
Harpring: You call it SEE-cock-us? I call it Suh-CAW-cus.
Brown: Accent on the–
Harpring: No, I don’t know.
** Brown: Enes Kanter wants it down low. Banging down there.
** Brown on the Jazz’s 8-2 run: I know it’s not a big one, but gotta at least recognize it.

game 13

Thanks to @davidjsmith1232 for the assist on the W-L record tonight.

Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors: Opponent Game Thread Highlights

November 22, 2014
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Today’s Opponent Game Thread host: Golden State of Mind.

Need to come out strong and enforce our strength against Beans former team
by Baysports4life on Nov 21, 2014 | 7:34 PM

I think they’re gonna kill us on the offensive rebounds
by Lord Snakehar on Nov 21, 2014 | 7:35 PM

For some reason, that HC for the Jazz would make a great Joker (the Dark Knight) impersonation
by Baysports4life on Nov 21, 2014 | 7:44 PM

The Jazz really suck early in the game
by IQofaWarrior on Nov 21, 2014 | 7:48 PM

Steph’s mediocre shooting year continues …
by Ronaldinho on Nov 21, 2014 | 7:49 PM

Dis Barnes’ team now
by 123707THIZZ on Nov 21, 2014 | 7:49 PM

Are the Jazz Tanking?
by Baysports4life on Nov 21, 2014 | 7:49 PM

Joe Ingles, we always knew you were destined for greatness!
by 123707THIZZ on Nov 21, 2014 | 7:52 PM

Why does Exum’s accent sounds non Australian?
sounds like he is forcing himself to talk like that

by Baysports4life on Nov 21, 2014 | 7:58 PM

We Want Clark
by belilaugh on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:00 PM

Utah loves our leftovers lol
by iHypeTV on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:03 PM

For real though Snyder, please play Clark so the Bay can give him a standing ovation
by belilaugh on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:04 PM

Give him the Vince Carter in Toronto treatment
we want tears!

by 123707THIZZ on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:04 PM

by iHypeTV on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:04 PM

damn gobert
by Reverend_Randy on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:04 PM

Look at how long Gobert’s arms are. Like down to his knees.
by DontcallmeIggy on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:05 PM

that Gobert is long

by Critical Roach on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:06 PM

the jazz look worse than philly right now
by richstyle on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:11 PM

This game is a disappointment. We’re not on pace to have 100 by the end of the third.
by jv209 on Nov 21, 2014 | 8:54 PM

oh crap
by Hot Take on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:09 PM

by Klaymation on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:09 PM

Uh oh, Curry hurt his hand
hopefully it’s nothing

by IQofaWarrior on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:09 PM

Fuck no let Steph be ok
by El Shorts on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:09 PM

by richstyle on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:09 PM

PHEW!! It’s not his hand
by Klaymation on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:10 PM

phew just the nuts
by Hot Take on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:10 PM

Im glad it’s his privates and not a broken finger
by eDub89 on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:10 PM

Same thing as last season
Steph gets effed up against the Jazz

by belilaugh on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:10 PM

Fak always against the jazz
remember Marvin Williams big ass

by mykelala01 on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:10 PM


by Baysports4life on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:11 PM

damn Gobert is long
by Elessar95 on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:23 PM

The constant extended garbage time is killing the point differential
by belilaugh on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:27 PM

Why does Rush only play garbage time
by GSW_fan on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:32 PM

Because he’s been pretty garbage
by belilaugh on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:33 PM

Man that chase down block of BRush
we use to compare him to Lebron

by mykelala01 on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:40 PM

Sounds like a folk tale
by Godric on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:40 PM

yup that was the bad ol’ days
anything we can get out of the Warriors tanking

by mykelala01 on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:41 PM

Geez, at least get 100 you chuckleheads
by Klaymation on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:43 PM

I’m rooting for the Jazz to get it to single digits
by belilaugh on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:44 PM

Yay for covering the spread
by klaygb on Nov 21, 2014 | 9:46 PM

Bits from Quin Snyder Interview, 11/20

November 21, 2014
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Did you get T’ed up on purpose?
I don’t think I can talk about that. I, the league office will get upset with me. But…I knew our team needed some juice. So we, there was some frustration, I think, all the way around, and it worked out okay…It was a timely technical, I guess.

Were you yelling at the refs or your players? It was kind of unclear.
I think it was both. I think it began with the referees, and I made my way pretty far down the sideline, and then realized how far I’d gone down. And then when I sat back down, I felt like there was still more to say, and this time it was to our players.

On fatigue and losses
The Toronto game was a source of frustration because I think we really prepared well on a back-to-back, and you know, it was six minutes in the game and we were tied. But I think that game took a lot out of us.

We just reached a point where, you know, it kind of caved in on us. And the recovery point from the travel, especially coming, you know, east, and the time change and all those things, it takes some time to kinda get your, you know, to kind of overcome the fatigue. And I think we saw a little bit of that the other night in that OKC game.

Do you measure progress in wins and losses, or in other things we don’t see?
I think the majority of it right now is some of the other things, although the wins and losses especially, being put in those situations, I think, are part of the growth process.

You know, so even if the game doesn’t turn out exactly the way we want, I think to put ourselves in a position to compete, you know, and have that experience too, is, I think is part of the growth.

And it’s still not visible in the won-loss column, but I think it’s about learning to win, and learning to close games, and you know, and putting yourself as a team in those positions that, you know, eventually you draw on that experience as well.

But you know, I’m hesitant to really peg down our group on the numbers, especially given, you know, our schedule’s been so tough and it just affec–you know, it affects you in so many ways, that that’s why I don’t want our guys to evaluate themselves in a group based entirely on that. Although it’s, you know, it’s…obviously a factor and a part of it. …

For us right now to define ourselves right now in terms of wins and losses, I don’t think it’s healthy for our team, and certainly not for our individual players either.

How do you balance coaching with sanity?
It’s hard. You know, I’m lucky that it, you know, I have a family that understands that, and you know, you go home and you kinda, you know, you can get your focus and get your mind off some of that and put it somewhere else.

I, you know, I’ve had a few hobbies in the past. They seemed to have eluded me of late. So, that’ll potentially come back around, but it, it’s, you know, I think right now, especially when you’re starting something and building something, and to be quite honest it’s all-consuming.

And you know, whether you can find a chance to try to exercise, or you know, read something that takes your mind off it, I think it’s just, that’s been hard for me right now.

Quin Snyder: Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
** On Brad Jones trying to hold him back when he got the tech: Brad didn’t know I still got a little quickness left in the old bones, yup.
** On getting back to work after a loss: In and of itself, that’s really hard, I mean to come every day. Pretty good to come every, you know, come after a loss. Come after you, you know, you don’t play well, and run into a juggernaut in Dallas and you see those points going up on the board, and you feel kinda helpless, and you get up the next day and watch the film and try to learn from it. Sometimes, you know, that’s tape that people don’t wanna watch, and that’s what we can’t do. (1280)

Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 11/20

November 21, 2014
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On Enes Kanter and contract negotiations
I think Enes is very ambitious, and we want to use his ambition and his work and, you know, his obvious skills at 6-11 to integrate that into the group, so it’s clean integration where i–you know, where we’re, when we integrate his skills, we don’t want it to be at the cost of another player or the team itself.

And last game was a great example, of Enes and Trey [Burke] and Alec [Burks] leading the group to a comeback victory, and I see that coming.

I, again, we just gotta remind everybody on Enes, is he should be a senior at Kentucky this year. And something tells me he’d be pretty good if you put him in a college basketball setting…Enes’ work capacity’s great, and we wanna capitalize on that.

Are you a better team this year than last year?
I’d say that the West is so daunting, and it’s one of the things I love about being in the West…Our guys, as they develop and they learn how to win, they’re doing it under the highest possible level of competition.

And so, you’re only as good as you are relative to your competition. And the West is as daunting and as deep as I’ve ever seen it before. Even the rebuilding clubs have very significant talent, and they’re coming together, and so I think it makes for very interesting plots and storylines along the season.

But I do, I love it for our group. I love it for our group because there’s no way to escape the competition. Night in, night out, our guys are gonna have to bring it, and that’s a great way to develop a young group, in my opinion.

So, again, I don’t mean to avoid the question. It’s just, it’s always relative to your competition, and we’re nowhere close to where we wanna be, but I think we’re at the start of a real interesting and special foundation.

Do you, at some point, need to start Dante Exum?
Of course I understand everybody’s excited about Dante, and you know, the size and length and skills and that Aussie charisma.

And that’s one of the reasons why we’re excited, but that can be in conjunction with Alec Burks. That can be playing with Trey Burke…He can play with Joe Ingles and Gordon [Hayward] in the back court.

So, he’s a playmaker. So whether it’s as a “one” or a “two” or a small ball “three,” you know, a few years down the line, he’s someone that can go off the dribble, he can read the court, his shooting’s developing.

And we’re excited, Quin’s very excited about him, because with Dante, he’s just a very mature ma–young man. He’s been raised great, and we don’t have to tell him something twice. And that’s, I know that sounds simple, but that’s really profound in many ways when you’re dealing with a 19-year-old who was playing high school basketball in Australia last year.

Just imagine the jump in competition. And he doesn’t seem overwhelmed. He’s poised, he’s, certainly, he’s gonna get knocked around, and, but again, the biggest goal is to build an emotional, physical, even spiritual base here to allow him to work from a strong base going into next season.

And in some ways, he’s already exceeded what I thought that he could do, within an NBA game, and so, you know, good for him and we’ll build from that point. (1320)

Bits from The Trey Burke Show, 11/18

November 20, 2014
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How does it help you to know your head coach believes in you?
It helps me a lot. You know, we have a, our own personal relationship. You know, we talk a lot off the court, on the phone and things like that. So we see eye-to-eye all the time. You know, sometimes we don’t see to, eye-to-eye, but you know, he trusts me.

He sees what, you know, type of player I can be, and you know, he’s with me every day in practice. So, you know, he knows what type of potential I have inside of me. You know, he’s just gon continue to trust in me, and I’ve just gotta continue to play though.

Has Quin Snyder lived up to what you thought he would be when he was first hired?
Definitely. You know, you don’t know how it’s gon be with a new coaching staff, you know, coming into this new year, but you know, when I first talked to him in the summer, you know, I liked what he was talking about.

I liked what type of coaching style he had, and you know, when I had the opportunity to meet him for the first time, you know, I knew that he would be, you know, the right coach for, you know, with the type of pace that he wants us to play with, the type of demands he holds us to.

You know, he holds everyone accountable from the coaching staff to all of the players. So, I think that’s something that you need out of your head coach.

You know, [some coaches are] just coming in and you know, not really holding everyone accountable as they should. And coach Snyder, he does that every single day, so that’s something that makes us better as a, as an entire, you know, organization.

Do you like seeing Quin Snyder’s rah-rah cheerleader side?
Definitely. You know, he’s a player’s coach. He, you know, he’s a guy that played before, so you know, players can relate to him, you know, definitely. And you know, you want your coach, you know, a lot of times coaches just coach.

But with coach Snyder, he’s a coach; he’s also like a motivator. He’s a guy who’s gonna encourage his players and, to try to bring the most out of them. You know, at the same time, he’s gon get on you if he, if, you know, you’re not doing your job or if he sees something that, you know, he needs to get on you about.

So, that’s something that’s gonna bring the most out of all of our players, and I think that’s something that we need in a coach like him.

Who was your favorite player growing up?
My favorite player was A[llen] I[verson]. You know, just, AI was my favorite player. I watched him all the time, and you know, h–just, his size, being his size and the way he impacted the game. And then, you know, besides AI, you know, I think, that was, yeah, AI was probably my favorite player…That’s who I really watched all the time. (1320)

Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 11/19

November 20, 2014
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randy rigby

Do you think Quin Snyder’s technical foul was intentional?
I suspect that Quin did that intentionally, and I think it was a well-placed technical to send a message to his team that he was in charge of, he’d take care of the officials.

And number two, it’s their job to wake up and really work through, you know, coming off the road and the doldrums that, you know, a long road trip can do when you come back and all of a sudden, have that first home game.

And he did a m–I think a masterful job of really getting our players back, focused and search inside themselves to really come out of that game and to prove that they could win it.

On Quin Snyder’s halftime speech
His speech to that team was extremely impressive at halftime. And number one, he did wake them up and helped us to fight back and get close to almost, just being a few points down at halftime. But I’ll tell you, what he then did in getting them to come out in the second, the third quarter, and really take control of the game, was very impressive.

And I’ll tell you, I was motivated when I walked out of that locker room. I know Greg Miller was motivated. We both commented to each other that, you know, Quin did a masterful job. …

He is masterful at voicing and expressing feelings, and then bringing ‘em together. He expressed to them, again, that he knew that they were tired, that they’ve come off of a long road trip and that i–to–it’s easy to get sluggish. But you have to fight through it. You have to dig inside deeper, and find in yourself.

He then immediately showed some plays and showed some of the things that the guys had recently done, to–the right things to do, that we were then doing that was working for us, and said, and showed ‘em on video, and said, “Guys, this is who we are. This is Jazz basketball. Keep doing this. This is where we need to improve” and pointed out specific things.

He then turned and specifically called out some individual players and said, challenged them to pick themselves up. They’ve got it in ‘em; he knows they have it in it. So not only did he challenge ‘em, but he then reinforced his confidence in ‘em, that was very well done. And those players, I think, really appreciated that.

And he didn’t pick on ‘em in a negative way. He just, again, reinforced that they had it in ‘em, that they could be better. They know they had some challenges, mistakes, but you know what, we’re now past that. We can go out there and now take control of this game. So, it was a, I was very impressed with the caliber of the coaching style that Quin did with our players.

On what else the coaching staff is doing well
The other thing that I think our coaching staff is doing a great job at, is he, they’re then doing their work to recognize our players’ abilities, and putting them in the best way and designing plans so that they can achieve those goals, and those expectations.

They’re not trying to get them to do things that are unrealistic, or that are awkward at all for their talent level or in our style of play. It’s a very reasonable expectations. Sometimes they’re ho–they’re a little bit challenged and reach a little higher, but they’re reasonable expectations…

When these guys then hit these challenges, he recognizes ‘em. He rewards ‘em and, in front of their peers, and you know what, that’s how a great coach reinforces and gets the most out of their players.

How defensive numbers are like world peace
Well, I, we’re doing a number of things [to improve the Jazz’s defensive numbers]. I really appreciate what’s the coaches are doing. They’re not just taking the defensive numbers. They’re looking at, and we had a good discussion, Dennis [Lindsey], myself, Justin Zanik, and Quin, about the defensive, tha–those defensive numbers.

So what we’re l–trying to now do, which I really think makes all the sense in the world, what you’re seeing them do is what makes up those defensive numbers. What are the ali–the elements that cause those defensive numbers to be impacted, and then let’s start working on specific areas that can then help improve those numbers. And let’s get the players, not just focusing on the defensive numbers.

To me, the defensive numbers sometimes is, like, is making a statement, “world peace.” Well, what makes up world peace? Or what makes up the defensive numbers? And let’s start chipping away at some of those specific areas that then is, as we improve those areas, our defensive numbers will continue to improve.

And Qu–that’s one thing, is Quin and the coaching staff are doing now, is drilling down on some of those specific areas. And as we continue to work on those, we’re gonna see those numbers continue to improve. So, the, we’re gonna be monitoring more specific things and I think we’ll continue to see, hopefully, if we make the adjustments, make, give the time and effort into it, the numbers will continue to improve. (1280)

Game 12 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (5-7)

November 19, 2014

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Pre-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder, asked if there’s an area where the team is further ahead than he’d expected
Not really. You know, I, it’s hard. You know, I like our team. I like our guys. I think, you know, the thing that I’m most happy about is that they are on the same page, and they’re on the same page with me. So regardless of where we are right now with my expectations, I think the key is for us to keep, you know, keep grinding and keep moving forward and keep getting better.

** Derrick Favors on how to deal with plantar fasciitis
Basically rest, really. I mean, it ain’t pretty much nothing else you can do. You gotta rest, put ice on it. It gon take awhile to get back healthy, but you know, main thing to do right now [for Rodney Hood] is just take your time and rest.
** Trey Burke, asked whether execution down the stretch is something the Jazz can get this year
I think it’s something we can get this year, for sure. You know, we’re, one thing that’s good about this team is that we learn at a high pace, at a fast pace as well. And coach Snyder, he demands a lot out of, you know, everyone, including the coaching staff. So, it’s something that we’re gonna have to consciously buy into, which is the defensive end more than anything. You know, offense is gon come, but when it comes down to those last, you know, six minutes in the game, it’s tight, you know, both teams are battling, you know, it’s gon come down to really defense.
** Burke, asked which aspect of defense the team can throttle down and improve vastly in
Yeah, I think it’s just collectively playing team defense. You know, a lotta times, if a guy gets hot, the guy that’s guarding that hot guy may, you know, start, you know, just worrying about him instead of the team, and, instead of trusting the team. So I think everyone has a job off the ball. You know, on ball, I think we’re doing, you know, a pretty good job, you know, of guarding guys. But off the ball is really where we can improve.

pinballJazz bigs playing pinball with Dante Exum

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on his technical foul
I think sometimes when you’re pulling this and pushing that, and you know, I was getting on my team, and I was getting on my staff. I was beating myself up for not having us ready. I just felt like, you know, there was no answers. And you get frustrated. Sometimes that frustration spills over into other parts of the game.
** Snyder on looking for juice
Those games when you come off the long road trip are always, the come-home games, are always a tough game…We didn’t have any energy. So, anywhere you can find it. That’s what we told ‘em. Any, you know, look under a rock, look in each other. Anywhere you can find some juice, try to find it.
** Snyder on the team effort
Jeremy [Evans] came in, even though it was only two minutes. And you know, everybody had a little part in trying to pick us up. And you know, what Alec [Burks] was doing defensively and on the defensive glass, to me, was crucial. I mean, he’s a guy that, he had juice. And so did Trey [Burke], I thought, you know, running the team. It’s the best job Trey’s done of just keeping his composure, and a lot of guys had good efforts in the midst of a difficult situation. Dante [Exum] hit some big threes. You know, Enes [Kanter] did a good job around the bucket. You know, when [Derrick] Fav[ors] and Gordon [Hayward] don’t play their best game, we have to have other people that have their back. And we did tonight.

burks-brownAlec Burks, thrilled to be interviewed by Steve Brown

** Derrick Favors, asked about the young guys extending the lead while they were on the floor
Man, I don’t even know who the younger guys are. Y’all been calling us the young guys for five years. So, it was good to see those guys come out there and hold it down while me and Gordon [Hayward] was getting a rest or whatever. They did a good, a great job.
** Trey Burke on what triggered the comeback
I think coach Snyder did it all. You know, his tech basically set the whole tone throughout the whole building. You know, he got on us when we went to the locker room and he held us to a higher standard…We needed a spark from somewhere, and coach Snyder gave us that spark.
** Alec Burks, asked what Quin Snyder said to him when he challenged him in Toronto
Just, I ain’t gon say what he said, but you know, just, he just challenged me, you know, man to man, you know? He talked to me, you know, in front of the team, so I took it, I took the challenge on.
** Enes Kanter, in response to a question on the crowd
I just wanna say that too, you know, that, how about Alec Burks? You know, played unbelievable, you know, got second double-double straight from his second game. I think if he’s keep playing like that…this team’s gonna be good.
You had your own double-double.
Well, I wanna give the credit to my teammates, so.

** Dante Exum on Alec Burks’ double-double
Quin talked to, called Alex*–Alec out in one of our team meetings and said you should be getting rebounds, like, 10 rebounds a game. The last two games he has, so it’s about, you know, raising that expectation, and everyone knows he can do it, and he’s gone out and shown he can.
* People calling Alec Burks “Alex”: Dante Exum
** Exum on Quin Snyder
He’s played the game, and has that love and passion for the game. So, we all respect him in that way, and showing, him showing the passion and how he has our back. And he challenges us in a way that no other coach has. … We just needed that wake-up call, and coach was very energetic in making sure, as he say, like, we need to find our juice. And you know, I think we found it, so.
** Joe Ingles on Quin Snyder’s tech
I was actually asking [Steve] Novak something at the time, so I didn’t see him until he was all the way over…I think he was standing next to [Scott Brooks]. So I couldn’t really hear what he said, but yeah, I mean, that’s, he’s a passionate guy. Yeah, it’s great, and I think that got us going at the end of that second quarter. And then came in and did his thing at halftime, and we came out ready to go…He was emotional…He’s great at that…It was a pretty perfect thing.


Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Dante Exum “Diante”: Craig Bolerjack (H/T @bjcseven)

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Craig Bolerjack on his “buckle up”: They’re coming earlier, aren’t they?
** Boler on Trey Burke and Derrick Favors: Burke penetrates, and gives it to Favors.
** Matt Harpring on counting an airball as an assist and sounding rapey: Boler, I don’t know if I’d ask. (H/T @Mark_R_Pereira)
** Harpring on Anthony Morrow and Dante Exum: When Morrow went up, he actually went into Exum to shoot the ball. He didn’t go straight up.
** Boler on Serge Ibaka miss and Rudy Gobert rebound: Bangs it hard, Rudy with the tip out.
** Boler on Steven Adams’ free throw technique: It’s almost like he cups the ball. Look at this, the right hand.
** Harpring on “Where Are You Watching” submissions: C’mon, give it to me. Niiice. (H/T @5kl)
** Harpring on Joe Ingles celebrating a made 3-pointer: I’m going to dinner with him on the road…I’m changing partners.
Boler: Ha ha ho ho.
Harpring: All you have to do is give me that reaction. I mean, I’m waking you up on the road. I’m like, “Boler, let’s go. Wake up. Wake up.” (H/T @dianaallen)
** Steve Brown to Derrick Favors, post-game: Was it simply a matter of you just needed the prod?
** Steve Brown to Derrick Favors, post-game: How physical was it in there? Because it looked pretty physical.
** Quin Snyder on Trey Burke saying his technical sparked the team: Whatever Trey needs to do or use to get going, I’m okay with it. I don’t plan on doing that all the time.

game 12

Thanks to @dianaallen, @bjcseven and @chang_max for the assist with the W-L record tonight.


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